Wonky Stars Quilt – Make it your own

Wonky Stars Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

I made a new quilt. It was quick & easy to make.

I started with an idea I saw in the Fresh Quilts magazine. Here is the inspiration quilt.


The pattern for this is in the Fresh Quilts magazine but I didn’t follow the directions. The pattern was for a quilt with a finished size of 38″ x 50″ and I wanted a larger quilt. Therefore, I started with their idea and made it my own.

To make mine, I started with a wonky star block and laid them out to appear they were shooting off the quilt.

Here is a great video on how to make a wonky star.

I made various sizes of wonky stars. I laid them on the floor and played with the stars until I liked the look. I have a large star in the bottom left corner and the rest are as if they were shooting off the quilt.

Starting with the large star being my bottom piece, I added fabric to the sides of the blocks to make a 50″ wide piece.  (My finished quilt was 50″ x 75″. It is a large throw.)  I stitched them together with a 1/4″ seam and moved on to the next strip doing the same. As I finished each strip I stitched it to the previous one. That is it. No rocket science here. Nothing hard about it. No pattern to follow. Simply go with the flow. Keep adding rows until you reach your finished length.

I quilted my quilt on my regular machine using a curved line stitch.

Wonky Stars Quilt 2 @ wowilikethat.com

I had a couple wonky stars left and made a piece for the back.  I used up all my fabrics by piecing them together.

Wonky Stars Quilt @ wowilikethat.com Sorry I didn’t take a picture of just the binding. This is enlarged from another photo. It is a pieced binding.

Wonky Stars Quilt 4 @ wowilikethat.com

To make binding, stitch together various sizes of different color fabrics and then cut into 2-1/2″ strips. I did not cut the binding on the bias. The last 3 quilts I made I didn’t do bias binding. I have not a clue where the notion came from that binding had to be on the hard to cut out bias. I even bought one of those bias cutting machines and it is still hard to cut. Unless you had curved edges on your quilt, there is no need to struggle with bias.

Wonky Star Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

If you would like to make your own and have a specific question, just ask.

See you next time.




2 thoughts on “Wonky Stars Quilt – Make it your own

    • Yes. I just made random size stars and put on the floor how I wanted and added the solid fabric to each side and worked my way up. Super Duper Easy. Thanks for reading and writing. Happy Sunday to you.

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