Weekly Giveaway Round Up – 2/20/15

Weekly Giveaway Roundup @ wowilikethat.com

Hi All,

82 giveaways going on today for sewers, quilters and crafters.  Be sure to scroll through the list and enter those that will be expiring today – there are a few.  The others can wait till tomorrow, right?  Some great things too – lots of beautiful fabric, lots of books and there is another sewing machine in the mix again.

There were things I wanted to win this week but didn’t. Drats!  Hope you won though.

I’m having thoughts of giving up the Giveaway List. It takes a lot of time but I don’t mind that. I look for giveaways on my own because I like the mail and I believe the sharing part brings me good luck. I don’t like doing all the work and someone taking it. That bothers me. I don’t know, I’ll ponder it.

My question to you, do you like the Giveaway Round Up and how I list them?  I like it. There are other places that list a variety of giveaways but not on a dedicated page and not always with pictures. None that I have seen with feature pictures. I don’t know of any other list that keeps the list current and up to date. Not like I do at least, I update daily.  I have also never come across one for just sewing, quilting and crafting. I’m not interested in other giveaways. I’m just not. I don’t care to win a frying pan, I have enough pans. Frying pans don’t inspire me to make things, not like fabric and beautiful sewing books do.  Share your thoughts on this. It would help me out.

Enough belly aching from me. On to the fun stuff. The Giveaway List can be found here or at the top of the page. Remember to visit the blogs where you are entering giveaways. You might become their newest fan and follower. Be sure to share the Giveaway List with your fellow crafty friends. The more the merrier. Please follow me too, either here or on Bloglovin or Facebook. The buttons are on the top right of the screen.

Good Luck.

See you next time,




15 thoughts on “Weekly Giveaway Round Up – 2/20/15

  1. Don’t give up. I am a big fan of your giveaway sight. I check it 2 or 3 times a day and get excited when I see new giveaways posted. I have even won a few times. … even more exciting. Thanks for your hard work. Kathy Davis from the MO Ozarks.

    • I was just a big baby yesterday – so don’t mind me. :) I’m good. I’m not giving up this easily. You can check twice a day but not 3 times. I usually see what anyone has emailed me in the morning while I have my coffee but then I have to go to work and don’t look for other giveaways till evening. I’m so glad you have been winning. That is what it is about. It is just fun. Thanks for writing. I’ll be here and will keep on posting. You made me smile though. Thanks.

  2. Debbie, I totally LOVE your giveaway list, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for, too. I also have enough frying pans. :) Please don’t stop! On the other hand, I understand if you are wearing out, and you are doing a lot of work for all of us for nothing. Is there some way to make it a community effort, for instance people can link up giveaways they find? Although I think you already encourage people to write in with giveaways. I have found so many nice blogs through your giveaway list, and I always read and follow the blogs that I visit as a thank you, so you are helping the bloggers as much as you are helping me. Anyway, THANK YOU to you, too! :) If you would like to write me an e-mail with your contact information, I will pop a little something for you into the mail, since you like getting it. :)

    • Hi Sarah,
      Many people write me about giveaways and that is great. It helps them get readers to their site and it helps the list. What I was upset about was there is another site out there that has Giveaway List that I stumbled upon and I could tell they were copying all the giveaways I searched for plus a couple frying pans thrown in. :) Not an issue at all. I’m over it and I’m good. I work everyday and by Friday afternoon I’m tired as I’m sure most everyone can relate to. When I’m tired, I’m too sensitive. Today I slept in till 6am. Wow. :) That is sleeping in for me and I’m good as gold. I’m not giving up, if someone wants to copy the giveaways, all the more people that will be entering and all the more giveaways that will pop up for us all to win. Thank you for writing. You did make me smile. Now go win something.

      • Thanks for explaining — that makes sense! And yes, I know how sleep deprivation affects one. You sound like my husband with wake up times — he gets up at 5am every morning. :)

  3. I love this list! I get up early on Saturdays just so I can start entering to win things. Now that I’m a stay at home mom, this is how I get “stuff”! :)

    • Hi Cathleen,
      I love your email address. What is a whitenose? Thank you for writing. I love the list too and I’m keeping it. I can relate, I was a stay at home mom when my children were young too. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. But when you choose to stay home and you don’t have that paycheck, you don’t have any spare play money. Winning things are a great way to get your hands on some nice fabric and fun supplies. I’ll cross my fingers that you win more. Thanks for writing. :) Happy Saturday.

  4. Debbie, I have secretly thanked you many times in my mind for the work you do to keep this giveaway list updated and running beautifully! I have won several lovely things and would love to see it continue (hmmm….yes, the winning AND the list!). I do understand your position in the time element to keep the Round-Up listings and the photos current. I, for one, love it and greatly appreciate it. I am also a Bloglovin’ follower and receive your emails. Thank you!

    • Hi Kathy,
      Don’t mind me, I was simply tired yesterday—add to that this dreadful sub zero temperatures and snow is wearing on me and everyone in the northern states. Spring is only days away. I say that everyday. I have said that everyday since November but it is true now. :) Spring will come and it is really only days away. Hope you are warm wherever you are. Thanks for following the giveaway list and for writing. Happy Saturday to you.

  5. I am very grateful for the time and effort you put into this list! I found it hard to find giveaways (not that I have won anything yet), since I’d google and come up with ones that ended in 2012 or something! Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for writing. You will win. You will hit a streak and win a couple at a time. That is how is works for me. Thanks for reading and writing. I was only belly aching the other day so don’t mind me. The Giveaway List will be here. Thanks again. Happy Sunday to you. :)

  6. Hi Debbie! I love your list too and do appreciate all of the work it involves. I know that I’ve even been on your list a time or two and I will definitely let you know each time I host a new giveaway. Thank you!

    • You will win. Keep on entering. Once you win it sets the pace and watch you will win a couple things at once. Thanks for following. Happy Tuesday to you.

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