Thanks, I Made It – Easter Outfit

Bunny Outfit Finished @

Talk about quick & easy. I wasn’t sure what type of top I wanted to go with the bunny skirt. I looked at 6 stores for a plain white t-shirt that I could embellish to match and I could not find one. Not a girlie one at least. There were some for girls but they all had silver stars or something undesirable on them.  I am sure in another month, all the shelves will be stocked but there was nothing to be had now.

Quick & easy bunny outfit @







I happened across the above shirt at Walmart. How cute is this for under $5.00 too? All I did was use my Kandi Kane gem embellisher and added some gems.  They are photographing more pink but they are light purple like the skirt. What looks yellow are little fake diamonds – my lighting is making them look yellow. It took about 2 minutes to make. Yep my kind of project.

Bunny Outfit Finished @







If you missed the post on how to make this super cute bunny skirt, you can find it here. The skirt cost under $2.00 to make and the shirt under $5.  Pretty good for a super duper cute Easter outfit that no one else will have.

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