Jun 16

Simple Stuff on Sunday – Sewing Tips

Simple Stuff on Sunday.  Simple sewing tips. 

  • Templates – Clean once, clean twice, maybe three times but after you do the plastic insert from packages of bacon are the perfect thickness to use for cutting out your quilting templates. 
  • Recycle – reuse.  If you use dryer sheets in your dryer.  Save when done.  Not only are the sheets perfect for dusting in the sewing room, they grab little snippets of thread.  They also work great, after a quick press, for stabilizer.
  • I was recently making a drawstring bag and didn’t have any cording.  I found a bag of athlete shoe strings that I bought at a garage sale.  Once threaded through the bag, I cut off the tips and knotted.  It worked perfectly and looked as good if not better than the cording.  Cheaper too.
  • I have a difficult time when cutting long pieces of bias strips with my rotary cutter.  As hard as I try, my fabric slips and pieces end up crooked.  If I need nice straight bias strips, I now simply remove the thread from the needles of my serger and run the fabric through using the measurement guide.  The cutting knife does all the work for me.  Perfect strips every time.
  • Did you ever think you were oh so lucky that you matched your thread so perfectly to your fabric?  Eek only to make a mistake and now you can’t see the thread to rip out the pucker you just made.  The easy solution is to rub a piece of contrasting chalk over the seam.  This will highlight your stitches making them easy to see and rip out.
  • When sewing pillows don’t pivot at the corners.  Sew all the way off the fabric.  When you are done, cut just above the meeting point and also trim each side a little so that it looks like a point.  Press open the best you can before turning.  This eliminates any creases and ensure the pillow tips are nice and pointy.
  • When make a pillow sometimes it is hard to get the opening finished so that it looks seamless and invisible.  To fix this, close the opening with fusible web tape.

Happy sewing.  See you next time.


May 23

Thrifty Thursday – Homemade Laundry Soap-All The Easy Recipes

Be Your Own Laundry Super Hero & Make Your Own Laundry Soap. 

Easy to do & save lots of $$$. I have collected all the laundry soap recipes I could find. It is an easy way to save a good bit of money. The ingredients are easy to buy, easy to put together, inexpensive and not loaded with unnecessary chemicals that are not good for you nor the environment.  What more could one want?

laundry soap with unstopables

Laundry Soap with Unstopables from Steph Makes Stuff.


This recipe is from Adkinson Drive.  Her recipe includes OxiClean and Purex Crystals.

laundry soap[1]

Whipped Laundry Soap from The White Silk Purse.  Looks good enough to eat.


Peppermint Laundry Soap  by Soule Mama.


One Good Thing by Jillie has a recipe for no grate, no cook liquid laundry soap.


Stacy Makes Cents has an easy recipe for Homemade Liquid Castile Laundry Soap.

DIY laundry detergent

UHow Does She has a nice no grate, fragrant powder laundry soap recipe.

As frugal as you can get. Love it.  She calculated it cost  $0.0107 per load.  Check out the Rural Revolution for her cooked, gel recipe.

I’ve tried liquid (too much work for me), the dry (I like) but my favorite is the whipped.

Join the homemade laundry soap revolution and give one of these great recipes a try. Let me know which is your favorite.