Feb 17

Tuesday’s Tutorial Round Up – Quick Quilting Projects

Tuesdays Tutorial Round Up @ wowilikethat.com

Hi All,

Tuesday’s Tutorial Round Up is a weekly round up featuring  the best free quilting tutorials, patterns and how-tos from quilting blogs and websites! Enjoy.

Free Quilt Tutorials & Patterns


Circular Quilted Placemats by Imagine Gnats


Rag Quilt by Bright Green Door


Half Square Triangle Potholder by In Color Order


Quilted Potholder by Jacquelynne Steves at Craftsy


Microwave Bowl Pot Holder by Seams Happy


Log Cabin Hexi Potholders by Sew Can She


Quilt As You Go Improv Pillows by Quilting in the Rain


Patchwork Pillow at Sew4Home


Fabric Box Tutorial by Seaside Stitches



Scissor Case by Dawn Cornell


Quilted Hexagon Placemats by Crafty Pod


Mug Rug or Hot Pad from Scissortail Studio

Feb 14

Painter’s Clutch

Hi All,

I just finished,  in less than an hour, this little purse.  I used the pattern and followed the instructions in the new “Just for You” book by Caroline of Sew Can She. It is called Painter’s Clutch because the handles are made from paint stir sticks. How clever!

Painter's Clutch at wowilikethat.com

Here is the original from the book. It was designed by Blue Susan Makes and you can read her post about it here.

I used two fat quarters and some left over solid black for the lining. The embroidery design is from Urban Threads and I embroidered it on solid black, trimmed and raw edge appliqued on the fabric before construction.

Painters Clutch at wowilikethat.com

I like these little birds and have used them before. Not long ago I used them on the pillow I blogged about here.

what can a thrifted sheet & 1 fat quarter make @ wowilikethat.com

I didn’t have a snap so I used a button and a piece of elastic as the closure. Worked perfectly.

painters clutch purse @ wowilikethat.com

It was so easy and quick to make, I am going to make another. I think I’ll try denim this time.

The book is full of easy, quick projects. You can read more about the projects at Sew Can She.

See you next time.



Jan 26

DIY Quick & Easy Quilted Laptop Case

DIY quick & easy laptop case @ wowilikethat.com

I’m one lucky girl. I have the sweetest young man as a son. For Christmas he wanted me to have a little laptop that I could carry around and he got me one as a gift.

I wanted something different. Above is the result.  Other than the embroidery it took about an hour to make include the quilting on the back. Yep that is how I like it, quick and easy.

If you followed along with my “What can you make with a thrifted sheet and 1 fat quarter” projects, this is the last piece of the thrifted sheet.

To make, measure your laptop.  Add 1-1/4″ around all sides.  This is the size you will need to cut for the front.  If you want to add a funky wonky square too, after piecing the finished piece needs to be 1-1/4″ larger than the laptop.

To make a wonky square, stitch together two different  fabrics. Twist the fabric and cut a regular rectangle to the desired size. To make it wonky, place the rectangle on top of the laptop to get an idea of where to place it on the case.  From the placement, figure how much fabric is needed to the right, the left, the top and bottom to make the finished piece which is the size of the laptop plus the 1-1/4″ on each side or 2-1/2″ the size of the laptop.  The right and left sides are stitched first. To make the top of the case, using the measurements determined by the size of the laptop and the size of the rectangle, cut the width needed plus 1″ x the height of the rectangle. Cut both the right and left side.  See below.DIY quick & easy laptop case @ wowilikethat.com

To make the rectangle wonky, starting with one side, place fabric on the rectangle and move the fabric slightly as shown below.  (**The edges look fuzzy because the sheet rips so perfectly straight that I don’t cut, rather I measured and ripped.)

DIY quick & easy laptop case @ wowilikethat.com

Stitch using a 1/4″ seam. Press seam flat then press open. Repeat on other side. Trim even with top and bottom of rectangle and square up the sides to make an even rectangle. That was easy.

DIY Quick & Easy Laptop Case @ wowilikethat.com

Stitch the top and bottom pieces to the block piece again using a 1/4″ seam to make the size of the laptop plus the 1-1/4″ on each side. Trim up sides if needed.

I used a fusible batting and fused to the wrong side the block piece before I embroidered. I embroidered through the batting.  The design I used is from Urban Threads and can be found here.  I bought the design the other day for $1.19 and checking now (1/26/15) it is still on sale. The design is available for both machine and hand embroidery. I machine embroidered and I placed the design so that it would stitch into the block.

For the back of the laptop case and the flap, using my front piece as a guide, cut the same as the front only adding an additional 1-1/2″ to the top.  Again using fusible batting bonded to the back of the backing piece, I quilted a wiggly line at a slight angle. Quick and easy quilting for sure.

DIY Quick & Easy Laptop Case @ wowilikethat.com

Trim up batting and edges and stitch the bottom of the front to the top of the back using a 1/4″ seam. Place flat then press seam open.

To make the lining, measure the stitched together front block piece and back quilted piece, cut out a piece of fabric. I just used a scrap piece of a different color grey I had. I even pieced it to make it fit. Stitch a piece of 3″ or 4″ Velcro to the center of the front embroidered piece 3/4″ down from the edge. Stitch the other side of the Velcro 3/4″ down on the lining side on the quilted side. They will be on opposite sides when you are stitching. Think about it and try it before you stitch it all together.


Stitch around all edges leaving a 4″ opening for turning. Leave the opening on the embroidered piece to the side of the Velcro. Clip corners, turn and press well. Top stitch both the top above the embroidery and the edge of the flat. Take back to the ironing board and using the seam joining the top and bottom, press on the same determine the bottom of the case. Pin sides in place being sure to reinforce the top and bottom by stitching back and forth a couple of times.  Give a final press, folding down the flap for the Velcro to meet and press well. That is it.  All done. So quick and easy.

DIY Quick & Easy Laptop Case @ wowilikethat.com

As always, if you have any questions, just ask.

See you next time.




Jan 19

Wonky Stars Quilt – Make it your own

Wonky Stars Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

I made a new quilt. It was quick & easy to make.

I started with an idea I saw in the Fresh Quilts magazine. Here is the inspiration quilt.


The pattern for this is in the Fresh Quilts magazine but I didn’t follow the directions. The pattern was for a quilt with a finished size of 38″ x 50″ and I wanted a larger quilt. Therefore, I started with their idea and made it my own.

To make mine, I started with a wonky star block and laid them out to appear they were shooting off the quilt.

Here is a great video on how to make a wonky star.

I made various sizes of wonky stars. I laid them on the floor and played with the stars until I liked the look. I have a large star in the bottom left corner and the rest are as if they were shooting off the quilt.

Starting with the large star being my bottom piece, I added fabric to the sides of the blocks to make a 50″ wide piece.  (My finished quilt was 50″ x 75″. It is a large throw.)  I stitched them together with a 1/4″ seam and moved on to the next strip doing the same. As I finished each strip I stitched it to the previous one. That is it. No rocket science here. Nothing hard about it. No pattern to follow. Simply go with the flow. Keep adding rows until you reach your finished length.

I quilted my quilt on my regular machine using a curved line stitch.

Wonky Stars Quilt 2 @ wowilikethat.com

I had a couple wonky stars left and made a piece for the back.  I used up all my fabrics by piecing them together.

Wonky Stars Quilt @ wowilikethat.com Sorry I didn’t take a picture of just the binding. This is enlarged from another photo. It is a pieced binding.

Wonky Stars Quilt 4 @ wowilikethat.com

To make binding, stitch together various sizes of different color fabrics and then cut into 2-1/2″ strips. I did not cut the binding on the bias. The last 3 quilts I made I didn’t do bias binding. I have not a clue where the notion came from that binding had to be on the hard to cut out bias. I even bought one of those bias cutting machines and it is still hard to cut. Unless you had curved edges on your quilt, there is no need to struggle with bias.

Wonky Star Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

If you would like to make your own and have a specific question, just ask.

See you next time.




Dec 08

$1.00 + 1 hour = 6 Gifts for Dog Owner Friends


$1.00 + 1 hour = 6 gifts for dog owner friends

I found this great pattern and thought I would share. Yep, $1.00 and 1 hour for 6 gifts is correct. The fabric was $3.00 a yard at JoAnn’s and I used 12″  or 1/3 of a yard to make 6 ties

I made one the other day so that made this round of making them easier but I did time myself and it took almost one hour to cut out and sew together all 6 ties. They are so darn cute too.

Dog Tie

To make I followed the instructions I found at Dog Under My Desk. You can find the instructions and pattern here. The only thing I did differently was to iron on my interfacing to one large piece and cut out 3 times at a time.

Dog Tie

Thanks Dog Under My Desk for the great pattern.

See you next time.



Nov 29

30 Modern Christmas Pillows to Quilt & Sew

30 Modern Christmas Pillows to Quilt & Sew @ wowilikethat.com

Hi All,

This is a little round up of great Christmas pillows that can be made easily for your home or for gift giving.

Quilt Story has complete instructions for this adorable Ornament Pillow. Go here for the tutorial.

Sew What, Sherlock? || Leg Lamp Pillow for Dad is complete!

Sew What Sherlock has the free pattern and instructions on her site for this sure to please Christmas Story pillow. Go here for pattern and instructions.


Andrea’s Notebook has the complete instructions for making this easy yet so cute Xmas tree pillow. Go here to find them.

DIY pillow 2wm

The Idea Room has instructions for this simple yet elegant Xmas pillow. You could follow her instructions but can achieve the same results using Xylene as I did with my bicycle pillow. You can find The Idea Room’s instructions here.

Felt Snowflake Pillow

Better Homes and Gardens has the pattern and instructions for making this quick and easy felt pillow. Like that felt – easy to use and no raveling. Go here for pattern and instructions.

Scrappy Christmas Throw Pillow

Two More Seconds made this great scrappy pillow. Not much of a tutorial but there isn’t much to make it.  It is one piece of linen and the scrap pieces stitched across the top. Can’t get much easier than that but look how adorable the end result is.  You can read more about it here.

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on polkadotchair.com

Polka Dot Chair has the instructions for making this stunning Xmas pillow. Go here for instructions.

From the Blue Chair has instructions on making this super cute wonky Xmas Tree pillow. Go here for instructions.


Just Crafty Enough has instructions for making this popular reindeer pillow. Go here for pattern and instructions.

How cute is this pillow? Easy to make too. Go here to Someday Crafts for the full instructions on how to make.

645 Workshop has a series of easy pillows to make. There isn’t much of any instructions for this pillow. A piece of velvet and sew on jingle bells. We can all do that but look how cute the end result is. Go here to read more about this pillow and for other ideas.

red pillow

We All Sew has instructions for making this stunning holiday pillow. Go here for instructions.

DIY Holiday Trees Pillow Cover

We All Sew also has instructions for making this easy Xmas Tree Pillow. Go here to read more and for instructions.

No Sew Holiday Pillow Tutorial | The Borrowed Abode

Here is a super quick and easy no sew holiday pillow from The Borrowed Abode. Go here for instructions.

I love pretty and I love this pillow. City House Studio made this LOVEly pillow. Go here for instructions.

Now I know what to do with all those buttons I hoard. Isn’t this pretty? Stone Gable has full instructions on how to make here.

O Christmas Trees are pretty darn cute. Leslie’s Art and Sew tells you how she made them here.

joy title

So Sew Easy has a quick and easy tutorial for you to make this cute JOY pillow. Go here for the tutorial and instructions.

how to sew a pom pom pillow

Craftaholics Anonymous has a tutorial for this adorable Pom Pom Pillow. Go here for the tutorial.

red and aqua pillow

Infarrantly Creative has a tutorial to make this lovely Christmas Pillow. It is so easy. Those aren’t sewn on stripes, they are painted. Go here for the full instructions.

Cozy Christmas Tall Tree Pillow Tutorial, a handmade gift idea on www.fleecefun.com

Fleece Fun has a tutorial for making this super easy tall tree pillow. Go here for the complete tutorial.

Pottery Barn Inspired Jingle Bell Pillow

These are stunning yet so easy following How Does She’s tutorial. Very little sewing involved and would be a super easy project. Go here for a complete tutorial.

CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT No-Sew Pottery Barn Inspired Falalala Pillow

Confessions of a Plate Addict shows you how easily she knocked off a Pottery Barn Pillow for 90% less. Go here for instructions.

Christmas Pillows

Another super easy ornament pillow by KT Green Designs. Full instructions can be found here.

Another easy applique pillow, this one from Diary of a Quilter can be found here.

placemat turned pillow

Here is a girl after my own heart. Thrifty Decor Chick made this adorable pillow from a $2.00 placement. Go here for her instructions.

How cute is this pillow that Mom 4 Real whipped up with a freezer paper stencil. Go here for the how to’s.

Red & White Pillows

Simple but beautiful holiday pillows from Better Home and Garden. Instructions for the red pillow can be found here. Instructions for the white pillow can be found here.

How pretty is this Snowball Fight pillow from Stitchery Dickory Dock? The complete tutorial can be found here.

Do you have a sweet tooth?  If so you will love this little peppermint pillow by Make it Dear. You can find the complete instructions here.

I hope this little round up inspires you to make some holiday pillows either for yourself or for gift giving.

See you next time.


Oct 14

Serendipity & The Tea Cup Apron


Apron @ wowilikethat.com

Hi All,

I’m not going to ramble on about serendipity and happenstance but I’m a wholehearted believer. The key is to recognize it as such and appreciate it’s place in your world. The worse thing is to ignore it and brush it off as coincidence. There are no coincidences.

I was making some aprons this week for a tea cart promotion we are doing at work. I had in my stash some tea cup fabric that I have wondered about for years what will I do with it.  Tea cart = a use for the unused tea cup material.

Sorry, I only took pictures of one of the aprons before I took them to work.  But to make the apron is very easy. A great beginner sewing project. It requires 1 yard of fabric to make.

1. Measure from your waist to your knee.  Mine was 17-1/2″.

2. Using cotton fabric, first snip an inch or so down and rip the fabric the whole width across. If the fabric isn’t straight and it doesn’t rip the whole width, start again. Snip another inch down on the fabric and rip.  I had to do this 3 times till it ripped the whole width.  This will give you a straight edge to measure from.

3. From the straight edge, mark down the length measured from your waist to your knee.  At this marked point, snip and rip the whole width of the fabric.  This is the apron. My piece was 17-1/2″ x 45″.

4. To make the waistband and sash, snip and rip 3 strips 5″ x width of fabric. My pieces were 5″ x 45″.

5. To make, serge the sides of the 17-1/2″ x 45″ piece. If you don’t have a serger, turn under 1/4″ and press. Turn under another 1/4″ and sew close to the edge. If you have a serger, serge and turn under 1/4″ and sew close to the edge.

6. Hem the bottom in the same fashion as you finished the sides.

7. On the top, using your presser foot as a guide, stitch a line of a basting stitch along the top. Leave a long tail of thread at the beginning and end. This will be joined to the waistband.

8. To make waist band, cut one 5″ x 45″ strips in half making a 5″ x 22-1/2″ piece. With right sides together, sew one 5″ x 45″ strip to each side of the 5′” x 22-1/2″ piece. Press the seams open and flat.

9. Pin one edge of the 17-1/2″ x 45″ piece to the seam one waistband – right sides together. Pin the other edge of the 17-1/2″ x 45″ piece to the other seam. Pull the long tails of thread and gather up the fabric to fit within the 22-1/2″ piece of the waistband. Smooth the gathers evenly. Stitch into place.

10. Fold the sashes right sides together and starting at seam, stitch the entire length of the sash turning and continuing to sew at the tip. Do the same on the other sash.

11. Turn and press flat. To finish waistband, Press the gathered section up and fold  under the waistband to make it even with the sash. Press flat, pin in place and hand stitch the waistband down. The sash is long and can be wrapped around the waist of most twice. That is it. All done.

If using a serger, the apron takes less than a hour to make. It took me about 35 minutes using a serger.

The other apron I made I used the below fabric. I really wondered what I was going to do with that fabric as cute as it is. It made an adorable apron.

apron @ wowilikethat.com

I also had some pieces left from the aprons and put together this little fabric box to hold the tea bags or maybe some sugar.  I found the instructions for the box at Sea Side Stitches.

Apron @ wowilikethat.com

I finished my aprons and was reading blog comments. A woman had written to me about a program she is involved with. It is called Operation Christmas Child and they fill a shoe box full of things for a needy child and mail the boxes to them at Christmas. She has a blog “Simply Shoe Boxes“.  I thought what a wonderful, easy, meaningful program to get involved with. When I took a look at her blog she had just made a tea cup dress to put in one of the boxes. Now I know what to do with the rest of the tea cup fabric I have and I believe it was serendipity and I was meant to become involved.  I’ll write more about this later.

Lots and lots of great giveaways going on this week so if you haven’t checked out the current giveaways, you can see them here.

Also, Pin Junkie is having a large blog party and anyone who has a blog and would like to join is welcome.  The party starts on Thursday and you can come back here to join since I’m joining in the fun.

See you next time.


Sep 29

What can a thrifted sheet & 1 fat quarter make? Pillow#5

What can a thrifted sheet & 1 fat quarter make? Pillow#5Sad to say but the fat quarter is all gone. :(  But there was still some of the pretty blue sheet left.  Actually when I was looking for something else, I found yet another little piece of the sheet so I’ll be able to make one more thing.  To see all the other pillows made from the thrifted sheet go here: Pillow #1, Pillow #2, Pillow #3, & Pillow #4.  I also squeezed out a Panty Purse too which you can see here.

Anyway, on to Pretty Pillow #5.  I love raw edge applique.  But if you don’t love it, you could always finish the edges with a blanket or zig zag satin stitch.

The finished pillow size is 11″ x 15-1/2″.  Use 1/4″ seams for all sewing.

To make cut:

One 8″ x 12″ piece for the center

Two 2″ x 9″ strips for top and bottom – this gives room to straighten up

Two 2″ x 17″ strips for sides – this gives room to straighten up

One 11-1/2″ x 16″ piece for back

Scraps for making vase and flower

Stitch one of the 2″ x 9″ strips to the top of the 8″ x 12″ piece. Stitch the other piece to the bottom. Press flat and trim the edges to be even with the main piece.

Stitch one of the 2″ x 17″ strips to the right side, the other to the left side. Press flat and trim up the edges.

Piece together some scraps to make the vase. Press flat.  My vase is 6″ tall.  I drew a vase on a piece of paper and cut from my scrap piecing.

Place the vase about 1″ from the bottom of the 8″ x 12″ piece. Center in the middle and stitch using a simple straight stitch close to the edge. If you don’t like raw edge applique, use a blanket or zig zag stitch.

Make the flower before stitching the stem and leaf. To make the flower, I cut two 3″ circles and one 2″ circle.

I didn’t want the flower flat against the pillow but I didn’t want it gathered either. To make it slightly waved, I simply stacked the circles together and then folded them in half. Then I folded them in half again. That makes a quarter wedge. At the tip of the wedge, I stitched on the machine a fraction of an inch up. Just enough to cause a little ripple.

Place the flower above the vase as shown. It can be machine tacked in place but I hand stitched it on and then added a button.

Pin the flower up and out of the way.  Stitch a stem and little leaf.  If you aren’t comfortable free hand stitching it, draw it on first with a disappearing marker.  Be sure to stitch the stem so that the top is hidden under the flower when you unpin.

To make the vase and the flowers look a little rugged, I pulled at the threads around the edge.

The front is done. Yea, how pretty is that?  Now stitch the 11-1/2″ x 16″ piece to the front, right sides together leaving about a 3″ opening in the bottom for turn. Turn, press and stuff. Hand stitch the opening closed. All done. :) Quick and easy.

What can a thrifted sheet & 1 fat quarter make? Pillow#5

If you have any questions, just ask.

See you next time.


Sep 15

Another thrifted sheet? Yep, put on your big girl panties purse.

Put on your big girl panties purse @ wowilikethat.com

I thought I used all of my thrifted sheet but somehow, lurking in the corner of my messy sewing room I found another usable sized piece.  I had this project sketched in my doodle book and I knew what I could do with the remaining snippet of my beautiful thrifted sheet. Again, this is a hand drawn pattern – sorry I don’t have a program to draw with. This works just as well.  A quick and easy sewing project to use up more scraps. You can get the pattern here – Put on your big girl panties. (When you click the link, it opens to another page. You will see the Put on your big girl panties, click that link and it will open.)

This project requires:

10″ x 7-1/2″ scrap for outside

10″ x 7-1/2″ scrap for lining

10″ x 7-1/2″ piece of batting – fusible or warm & natural works best – something thin not the thick lofty kind.

14″ of lace

7″ or 9″ zipper

To make:

Cut the outside & lining fabric using the pattern and placing on the fold.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Lay the outside fabric on top of the fleece and using it as your pattern, cut out the fleece.  If using fusible, iron it to the fabric.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Stitch the legs of the panties first.  This is a good place to use some of those decorative stitches that don’t get much use.  I tried several but seemed to fall in love with a simple triple zig zag stitch.  Sew both leg opening with the stitch of choice. Stitch using the 5/8″ seam allowance marked on the sewing machine.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Sew on the lace at the top of both sides.  Use a very narrow stitch.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Place zipper face down along the top edge of one side.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Place lining fabric on top of the zipper. The zipper will be sandwiched in between.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Using a zipper foot, stitch all 3 layers together.  If you look closely at a zipper you will see a very fine line, that is about where your stitching line should fall. If it is too close to the zipper, the fabric catches and the purse will not open.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Stitch the other side of the zipper by bringing the outside fabric to the zipper.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Flip over the purse and fold up the lining to the other side of the zipper. The zipper needs to be sandwiched in between the fabric and the lining. Stitch using a zipper foot.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Now it will look like this isn’t correct, but it is.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Unzip the zipper a little bit and pull the inside out. See. It works. Press well on both sides of the zipper.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Now grab both lining pieces and pull out. Do the same with the outer fabric. The lining pieces need stitched together as do the outside pieces need stitched together.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com


Starting at the crotch one side, stitch up the leg opening, over the zipper and finish at the crotch on the other side. I used the edge of my foot as my seam allowance. I used little handy little tool for getting over the zipper effortlessly. One may have come with your machine.  If it didn’t, you can buy them at JoAnns for a couple dollars or make a temporary one by placing a folded piece of cardboard under the rear of the presser foot just as it gets to the zipper.  Doing this eliminates skipped stitches.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Also when stitching around the decorate stitch, my seam allowance shrunk a little bit, but there is still plenty of room to make your seam.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

The remaining side gets stitched the same except leave a 3″ or so opening at the bottom of the lining for turning.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Stitch, clip curves and snip corners. Turn.  While the opening in the lining is still unsewn, going through the opening, push out all the corners of the outside fabric. Be sure to push out where the zipper is too. Don’t push out the lining because they gets pushed in the opposite direction once you put the lining in place.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.com

Hand stitch the opening closed.  I simply finger press the fabric to match the seam allowance, then hand stitch using a little whip stitch.

That is it. Push the lining into place.  Push the corners of the lining where they belong. Press well and enjoy.

Put on your big girl panties @ wowilikethat.comI still have pillow 4 & 5 to show and will do so in a day or so.

Put on your big girl panties purse @ wowilikethat.com

As always, any questions just ask. See you next time.



Put on your big girl panties pouch @ wowilikethat.com