May 09

88 Cents – No Sew Fabric Flowers – Easy DIY

Easy DIY No Sew Flowers just in time for Mother’s Day.

You can not believe how cute and easy these are. I showed my friend how to make these beautiful no sew fabric flowers the other day and this is what she already made. Beautiful!

No Sew Fabric Flowers


These are the easiest, the bestest (new word alert) and fastest DIY  fabric flowers ever.  They might be the least expensive flowers ever too.  I had to spend $.88 at the grocery store for the 100 stems – they were shish kabob sticks.  Everything else I had on hand.

Supplies Needed:

  • Shish Kabob Sticks.
  • Floral tape – if you don’t have, they do carry this at the Dollar Store.
  • Low temp glue gun & glue sticks (I had on hand) *You can use high temp glue guns but you will probably get burned. Just be forewarned. This will also work with a high quality fabric glue if you have that on hand.
  • Scissors for cutting out circles – (completely unnecessary but I used my Accuquilt Circle die – the smallest die is the 2″ circle)
  • Fabric scraps (I made some with scraps and some with old clothing).  What I thought was a fabulous idea, if you had younger children, take some of their outgrown clothing – even better if Gramma bought it for them, and use those for the flowers for Gramma.
  • White Felt – if you don’t have on hand, you can buy at Walmart for $.25 for a craft square.  You can make 50 bases out of one sheet.


  1. Cut out 2″ circles – you need 7 or 8 circles per flower.  If you are hand cutting the circles, perfection isn’t necessary. Crooked cuts work just as nicely as perfect circles.  No fretting over cutting on this project.
  2. Starting  1/4″ down on shish kabob stick wrap floral tape to bottom of the stick. If you have never used floral tape, it is very easy to use.  It is sticky and it also stretches.  Starting at the top of the stick, push tape on the stick and loosen the roll and twist the stick and the tape magically covers the stick.  If you have trouble with that, let me know and I’ll email more directions.
  3. Work with one circle at a time.Fabric Flowers Holding the fabric circle wrong side up, place a teeny tiny drop of glue in the center, on the wrong side and fold together.  It should look like a taco with the right side on the outside of your taco.
  4. Fold your taco in half yet again.  Now you have a quarter of a circle.  Open your quarter circle and put a teeny tiny drop of glue at the bottom, on the fold line of your taco.  This bit of gluing helped hold all the petals in place. Glue Here
  5. Glue the top of your stick/stem in the 1/4″ piece where there is no floral tape. This glue helped the petals stay in place.
  6. Holding the  pointy end of your 1/4″ circle, bunch it together a bit and apply a good dab of glue all around the point.  Place your glued point on the top of your stick/stem just far enough down so that you don’t see the glue.  Continue creating your 1/4 circles and gluing to the stick/stem.  You will want 4 on the top layer and 3 or 4 for a second layer/row.  The second layer/row will go directly below the first, spacing as you think it looks best.  Perfection is not required since it makes little difference in the outcome, the petals can look off or lopsided and once you have glued the base, it pushes everything in place and the flowers will look great. Pinched Petal
  7. After gluing all your petals, cut out a small circle from your white felt.  1/2″ to 3/4″ is a great sizes for the base.  I just eyeballed and cut these.  Again, perfection is not required.  After your circle is cut, cut the circle with one snip to the center. Place glue all around the cut circle.  Turn your flower upside down and place the glued white base directly under the pedals and around the stick/stem.    White Base
  8. You are almost done.  Again, nature isn’t perfect nor is it required from you, eyeball and cut out a leaf.  Place a small dab of glue on the base of the leaf and glue to the stick/stem.  Cut a 4″ or 5″ piece of floral tape and wrap the leaf to the stem of the flower.
  9. Just kidding with the step nine.  You just created a beautiful flower.  If you have any questions, post them in comments and I’ll respond. Enjoy!How to make fabric flowers @