Nov 20

Modern Quilt from Craftsy – Quilt #5

Just finished another Modern Quilt from a Craftsy class. I’m loving it.  Started out with some difficulty quilting this one and ripped out at least 1000  stitches and so it got off to a slow start. Once I thought things over and started stitching again, it went quickly.  I thought I would shadow the triangle lines and quilt the inside of the triangles but they ended up being too long and I had too much trouble keeping them straight and I ended up pulling the fabric causing dreadful stitches.  Hence the ripping out.  The solution was to go sideways with shorter rows and simply turning the corner and rounding.  Worked much better.

Quilt 5 @ WowILikeThat

The design is from Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design by Jacquie Gering.  As usual,  I changed it up a bit.  It called for crazy patchwork in some of the triangles but my daughter was picking the fabric and couldn’t decide on a combination to use so we picked just one, the print. It worked.

Quilt 5 @


You can also see that all the stitches aren’t perfect but yet it makes no difference in the overall finish. Rather I think the imperfections add to it and make it look handmade and original.

Quilt 5 @

I also took another Craftsy class.  Free motion quilting by Angela Walter. I used her technique of changing the quilting design.  I divided the quilt in quarters lengthwise.  The first quarter I quilted pebbles.  The second quarter I quilted swirls.  The third quarter I quilted swirls with pebbles and the fourth quarter I quilted swirls with leaves.

Quilt 5 @

I also pieced the fabric from the front to make the binding.  I follow this technique again to do the binding and it has yet to fail.

Quilt #5 @

Unfortunately or fortunately, there wasn’t enough backing fabric and therefore I pieced together the back. I will never have a solid back again.  The pieced backing is so much more interesting.

Quilt #5 @

See you next time. Happy Quilting.



Sep 23

Cross Cut Quilt

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Hi All,

If you have been reading, you know I’m a fan of Craftsy and I have been taking a Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design Class by Jacquie Gering.  I was first introduced to Jacquie by watching a video from the Modern Quilt Conference – can’t think of the name of the conference at the moment.  Anyway, I love her simple but powerful designs.  In my attempt to become a good quilter I decided to make every quilt in the class.  This is quilt #4.

Craftsy quilt #4

Of all the quilts in the class, this was my least favorite and I had a hard time starting. Let me tell you I was wrong. Once I started, I loved it.  It was fast, easy and I thought each block was more beautiful than the next.  It looked like I was a master at piecing but it was so easy a child could do it.  If you want to take a great, easy modern quilt class hurry over to Craftsy and sign up as all quilting classes are on sale now.

Per the instructions, it only called for 4 blocks which although pretty in itself, I’m not big on just pretty things and wanted it to be useful too.  Therefore I added 2 extra blocks and added some sashing and it is now big enough to be a lap quilt.

I find that I love intense quilting and therefore I quilted the heck out of this one.  I only used two quilting designs, continuous lines and pebbles both I found easy to do.  If you would inspect the quilt you would see that all the quilting isn’t perfect and there was a time or two I wondered if I should rip something out but in the end you don’t even see the imperfections and realize they become part of the beauty of the quilt.

Craftsy Quilt #4

I’m thrilled at my progression of quilting. Although not perfect, I love it.  This quilt has already been gifted and is being loved. I hope it keeps my daughter’s legs warm for many years.

Craftsy Quilt #4

See you next time.



Jul 08

Love Knots Quilt

Sorry for the break.  I got a new job. I didn’t start it yet but I had a week’s vacation due and I took it.  Although I haven’t been blogging, I have been sewing. To enjoy my vacation I signed up for a Craftsy class.  I love Craftsy. This is the 4th class I have signed up for.  Much easier then hiking off to a quilt shop to take a class plus I can take it in my pajamas.  If you haven’t looked at Craftsy, check it out here.

Improvisational Piecing

The class I recently signed up for was Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design with Jacquie Gering.  She teaches you to make 5 different modern quilts.  I love them all and decided I will make each one.  The only problem was that she uses lots of scraps in her quilts and I just started quilting and have never saved my general sewing scraps not that they would have worked anyhow.  So I had to improvise.

Also, when I fell in love with modern quilting and decided I wanted to learn how to do it, I signed up for a quilt along.  I really, really, really wanted to participate.  I downloaded the material list and against my cheapskatebetter judgement, I  ordered all the fabric for the quilt along.  I ordered it from one of her sponsors and it cost over $170.00.  Who can afford to quilt?  I still feel ill over spending that much money but it was nice fabric.  I hated the quilt along and stopped participating after 4 blocks.  Not that she wasn’t a good instructor or the blocks great but every time you turned around she said you had to buy something else.  Then she disappeared for weeks at a time and didn’t comment on anyone’s questions or progress.  I want to learn to quilt but I don’t have lots of extra money and I prefer to make do.

Craftsy classes are about $39.00.  I have signed up for 4 but each time they were on sale. Register and they will send you notices of classes on sale too.

Lovers Knot1This quilt is the first of the quilts from Jacqiue’s class.  It required a background fabric, backing fabric and 28 different scraps.  I didn’t have any scraps.  I had a  few fat quarters hanging around but no scraps. Therefore I made my quilt from 2 fabrics.  The stripped backing fabric I bought off Craigslist – the woman had a bunch of fabric for sale at her house, it was all on bolts.  I think it was $.75 a yard.  The green fabric I got at a church sale bag sale.  I got about 10 yards of this and all kind of other goodies for $2.00.  The batting I had leftover from something.  This is my kind of quilting. Pretty and cheap.

Love Knot 3

Jacquie’s quilt was designed to have 2 rings.  I did mine using only 1.  The instructions were fabulous, and it was easy to make and modify.  You can see the shading in the fabric.  This fabric felt like cotton but has a slight nap that is magnified in the photos.  In person, the variation is slight but interesting and I intentionally made them random to add some dimension to the quilt, especially since I didn’t have all the color from different scraps.  I love it.  I did all the quilting for this on my regular Singer sewing machine.  It is all simply straight line stitching. The backing is the same as the ring, the stripped fabric.  For the binding I pieced together some green and stripped fabric, cut them into 2-1/4″ strips and used these instructions to make and apply the binding.

green binding and backing

I’ll show you project #2 tomorrow.

See you next time.


Jul 08

Sun & Stars Quilt

This is the second quilt I made from the Impovisational Piecing, Modern Design class with Jacquie Gering over at Craftsy. The class was fun, the instructions were great and best of all I completed the quilt from start to finish in 2 days.

Improvisational Piecing

Just like Quilt 1-The Love Knot Quilt which can be seen here, the instructions called for scraps. 44 of them.  I am new to quilting and didn’t have any scraps.  I did, however, have all the fabric I had bought to participate in the quilt along that I quit.  Not 44 different colors but enough to make it work if I reduced the stars from 11 to just 4.


I like the end result.  It gave me a lot of negative space to practice free motion quilting too.

Darning machine now FMQ Machine.

I free motion quilted the quilt using my mid-arm machine. If you haven’t read how I made my own mid-arm machine, you can read about it here and here. I stitched in the ditch around each star.  I then added some sun elements.  I traced the bottom of a round trash can for the circle, then used a triangle template to make the spikes.  I made a spiral in the center of each circle.  The first one was a little wonky and I found if I drew the spiral first with chalk it was easier to sew it less wonky. All the space without the sun shapes, I simply stippled my way around.  I am good at stippling or rather that is probably the sissy way out because I know how to do that.  Next quilt I’m going to push myself to try a more complex stitch.

I again used this tutorial for making the binding.  It is easy and I like making straight binding rather than binding on a bias.  I don’t know who said you had to make binding on a bias.  It is simply a ploy to make you give up quilting so that someone else can get all the glory.  Binding on the straight grain is 100 times easier than binding on the bias and it looks better too.

Threads near strips tied off.

Threads at line near stripes tied off by hand

On Quilt 1 I tied off all ends like it said all good quilters should.  Here are the instructions on how to do that.  I hated that.  Tying the threads took a couple of hours.  It looks good but I don’t think it is worth the time spent.  This quilt I followed these instructions of pulling the bobbin thread up and micro stitching in place.  It looks good too, or so I think.  I won’t be tying off threads again anytime soon.

Threads in center of circle tied off with micro stitching

Threads at center of the circle tied off by micro stitching

See you next time.