Jun 13

Craft Fairy Series – Part 6 – Business cards continued.

If you don’t have time to make your own creative, original business card. (you can see my previous post on creative cards here.)  Printing your own is the next best thing and done in 5 minutes.  Can’t get much quicker than that.

Go to Microsoft Office Templates here.  There are 165 free business card templates that are free for you to use.

Choose a template that you like.Template

I have chosen Flower Personal Business Cards.  Click the picture of the template that you would like to use.  It will open up, click the Download button.


If the template does not automatically download, the below box will appear.  Click the “Download Manually”  button.  A dialog box will then appear.  Click “Open”.  The template automatically opens the proper Microsoft Office application.

**Pay attention when selecting a template that you have the correct version of Microsoft Office for the template.  Even if you have an older version of Microsoft Office, there are plenty of templates to work with and easy enough to customize.  Easy Peasy – Honest Injun.

Template Open

The template has allotted space and fields for common information found on business cards.  If you want that information on your new card, simply fill in all the fields.  I however did not.  These business cards will be given out at a craft show and I don’t have a separate business address.  I do not want my home address listed on the cards.   I will use that space for my website address.   You can substitute any information you want in the fields.  You also have the freedom to change colors, etc, just as if you are working on a Word document.

If you don’t like the image on the card, go to Microsoft Office clipart and find something you do like.  It is as easy as cutting and pasting the new image on your card.

I have replaced the flower with some other images that would work for my craft business.

B Cards

A copy of this template with the variety of images can be found here. card template

I, however, opted for all flowers.  I think they are plain but pretty.

deb card


I printed mine on what I had on hand.  Yellow card stock. I didn’t use business card paper from Staples or Walmart.  That stuff is too expensive.  My card stock was just plain ole card stock paper and I cut them out on a cheap paper-cutter.  I think they are adorable.

Everyone needs a business card.  Now go print your own.

See ya next time.






May 21

Craft Fairy Series – Part 5 – Make your own business cards

 Make your own business cards.

Here are some mucho loco ideas for making your own for cheap, cheap, cheap…..and if you ask me (you asked right?) wayyyyy more creative and memorable.  Go make some cards and post your pictures to our Flickr page.

The above business cards comes to us from C.R.A.F.T. using cereal boxes.  I love this but the stamp cost $45.00. I did a quick search for discount codes for the stamp and 40% off coupons seem readily available.

painted cards

These are fabulous. Creature Comforts used Photoshop for the design  and  I don’t have Photoshop but I own Corel and I could do the same with Corel.  I bet you could do it any graphic software including Paint. Go to Creature Comforts for her tutorial.

Color Me Katie












30 years ago I may have used my picture as my business card – not these days.  I’ll save this one for you younger gals.  Your card wouldn’t soon be forgotten following Color Me Katie’s tutorial for her homemade business cards.


These are stunning and easy to make.  Perfect for a photographer.  Take pictures of your wares and use the negative.  Would work for anyone.  Hop over to Peta Pixel for the how to make instructions.


Jessica at How About Orange has a free printable template to make your own Argyle Business Cards.  Super Duper Cute.


No directions on AllGraphicDesign  but endless stunning & different business cards ideas.  This is for your inspiration only.


Mint Design Blog created this using old paper lying around and some tape.  The print was done on a regular printer. Simple and beautiful.

Tomorrow I will show you how to set up printing your own business cards in Microsoft Word.  Easy peasy.  We will all be looking professional in no time at all and for little $$$.