Simple Stuff Sunday – Cleaning your sewing room floor

Granted, the best sewing room would have a nice smooth wood or linoleum floor, something that is easy to sweep and clean but that is not always the case.  I live in a northern state and if my floor was bare it would be too cold in the winter months.  Also I embroider and use industrial machines and carpeting in a room helps keep vibration down and noise level at bay.

If you sew in a carpeted room, here are some tips and tricks to help rid you of the mess of embedded threads and pins.

  • Toilet brush – Obviously get a new one.  I duct tape my toilet brush to the end of an old broom handle and sweep it over my carpeted sewing room floor.  It works like magic.  All thread pieces – even little ones will stick to the brush.  If you don’t pick up your threads and simply run the sweeper over them, you will constantly be replacing your sweeper belt.  Ask me how I know this.
  • If you sew on hardwood or linoleum floors, an old swifter mop covered with a piece of polar fleece works better than a broom.  The threads stick to the fleece and not flying around like they can do with a broom.  Simply throw the polar fleece piece in the wash, the threads will come off and get picked up in the dryer trap. Although I’ve been doing this for years without a pattern. I just cut pieces of fleece and tuck them in the holes of the mop. If you want more directions, I found a pattern for a fleece cover here.
  • Save the scraps from your fusible interfacing.  The tacky surface on the interfacing easily grabs thread and fuzz from the corners in my room.  I also use this to clean the fuzz from my cutting table and mat and my sewing machine and scissors.
  • Number one tip for not stepping on pins – wear shoes or slippers with a hard bottom.
  • If you don’t like to wear shoes in your sewing room, use flower top pins or pins with a large colorful head.  Being able to see the pins makes it easier to find to pick up.


  • If you have a serious problem with pins in your carpet, invest in a nail sweep.  They are about $40.  You can buy them from Amazon or your local Home Depot or Lowes store. You sweep that over the carpet and even lodged in pins come out.

Enjoy your Sunday.  It is ok to sew but not to clean. Sunday is a day for worship and rest.  Clean tomorrow.


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