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Hi All,

I didn’t know there were apps for sewing and quilting until a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled upon one.  I can’t say I’m an expert in apps since I only got a smartphone a couple of months ago. To tell the truth I really would rather have my flip phone back as my phone. That flat screen on the smartphone has me calling people I don’t want to call without me even know I’m calling them. Constantly. Oh well I look at it as if I’m catching up on everyone.  Want me to call you all the time? Want me to call you everyday?  If so, send me your number to put in my phone. The Chinese restaurant is getting tired of answering my calls so maybe you can take their place for a while. Just a thought. :)

Anyway, I did a post a couple days ago about this but for the life of me couldn’t get the spacing correctly. Or rather WordPress couldn’t get it correct so I didn’t post. Also I figured I would try some out myself before posting them. The ones I like are all free.

I’ve installed the Jo-Ann Fabrics app. Love it. You can read about it here. What I like is that the weekly flyer is always with me to view as well as their coupons.  No more being out and not being able to go to Jo-Ann’s because I forgot my coupon. I do that. If I don’t have my coupon, I won’t shop.  That problem has been solved with the app. Jo-Ann’s will also text you coupons if you sign up for the text messages.  You can find that info on one of their flyers.  I’ve been getting the texts for ages, even on my old flip phone.  It is only one coupon though and my Jo-Ann’s will let me use several at a time. I like to have a stash.

I also installed Missouri Star Quilt Company app. I love, love, love it. It has their blog and tons of videos. I watched a video the other day of Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day fame. It was wonderful. While I’m waiting for something, I can be productive and learn something new. You can read about the app here.

The 3rd app I installed was The Quilters Little Helper by Robert Kaufman. It is wonderful. It lets you calculate how much fabric you need for a project. You can read more about it here.

The last one I’ve installed to date is Craft Pricing Calculator. It lists variables for a project including your time and your hourly wage and calculates what you should charge if you are selling your homemade goods. No more guessing. Love it. You can read about it here.

Check them out, you may love them too. Also send me your phone # so I can bother you daily. If you have any sewing or quilting apps, send them along and I’ll try them out and post about them too.

See you next time.


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