Sewing On Saturday – Easy Headband

I followed Happy Together’s instructions for making this easy two side headband.

Free Headband Pattern

I ended up making 12 in an afternoon.  I, however, found that they were a bit too wide for my head and I simply used a wider seam allowance. The wider seam allowance worked perfectly.  I trimmed off the excess before I turned.  I also used what I had around.  I used old clothing for fabric, an old pillowcase, some vintage double knit and some old bandannas.

Copy of 8672508204_41a9838ab9_z

Old ugly thrift store dress

The hardest part of the project was the turning.  I couldn’t whip up one in 5 minutes if it took me 15 minutes to get the darn thing turned inside out.  Since I am a notion addict, I got out my notion box and low and behold I had these.

If you don’t have this notion, get one if you can.  It consists of a tube and a stick.  You slide the tube though the headband, use the stick to push the fabric through and in 5 second it is turned and ready to press.  You would also use this on the piece for the elastic.

See ugly thrift store dress on the far right?

Thanks Happy Together for a great easy and useful project.


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