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These key chains are so darn cute they make me smile.  Quick, easy, and inexpensive to make. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or also great to make for selling at craft fairs.  The instructions take 10 times longer to write than it does to make one.

What you need to make: scraps of fabric,  Pellon Peltex, key rings, snips of ribbon and buttons.  Nothing needs to match. If it doesn’t match, it looks better.  You don’t need great sewing skills either. If it gets crooked, doesn’t matter as it only makes it look scrappier. Too cute.

Scrap Happy Heart Keychain @







Gather up some scraps.  Any ole fabric will do for the top. I used mostly cottons. For the base, you need something a little more stable.  I used some wool fabric that someone gave me. The fabric was in good shape but wool makes me itch so I wasn’t going to use it for a suit but I didn’t want to waste.  Denim works well too as does scraps of decorator weight fabric.

Scrap Happy Heart Keychain @







To make the heart, sandwich together two 3″ squares. Fold in half and cut out your heart shape.  You want them the same so cut out together.  Once cut, take one heart and cut around the edges to make slightly smaller than the other. You now have your two pattern pieces.

Scrap Happy Heart Keychain @







Use the larger heart to trace the hearts on the Pellon Peltex (which is a very stiff interfacing that feels almost like card board but you can stitch right through it). Also, use the larger heart for your base fabric – mine was the suiting.  Two pieces of base fabric are needed for each heart and making is much easier if you trace and cut these two pieces together. One on top of each other, wrong sides together. Try as you might, small pieces are hard to cut perfectly and if you cut together you know your set matches perfectly. Use the small heart piece to trace the top heart.  Cut a piece of 3″ ribbon for each too.

Scrap Happy Heart Keychain @







Lay your sets together as shown above. Take to the sewing machine. Remove the top piece.  With your base fabric, rights sides facing out and with the Pellon Peltex in the middle, place your folded ribbon as shown and stitch very close to the edge. If you think it will shift or if you are unsure of your sewing, place a pin in the center to keep it together. I did for the first one but after that, I didn’t pin.

Scrap Happy Heart Keychain @







Scrap Happy Heart Keychain @







Center your scrappy heart on top and again stitch very close to the edge.Scrappy Happy Heart Keychain @







Cut a small square of a different fabric and place on the top of the heart opposite the ribbon.  Zig zag or stitch randomly in place.

Scrappy Happy Heart Keychain @







Sew a button at the top of the heart, same side as the ribbon.  I sewed mine using my sewing machine.  Some machines come with special feet to do this.  Mine has one but I simply remove my foot, drop my feed dogs, set my machine to zig zag and stitch down. Much quicker than hand sewing.

Scrappy Happy Heart Keychain @







That is it, all done!  One little note, I didn’t like that white Pellon Peltex showing on the sides therefore, I colored the white with a Sharpie. :)

These cost almost nothing to make.  My only cost was the Peltex which I get from Amazon.  You get a lot out from a small pack.  The rings I bought for something else at JoAnn Fabrics.  I don’t remember the cost but they are inexpensive.

I have sold these for $5 and $6.  They sold quickly.  They are cheap and cute.  If you plan your time and do the tracing and cutting while you watch TV, you can easily make 50 in an afternoon.

Any questions, just ask.

See you next time.



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