Quilt Binding

I have made 2 quilts.  Considering I’m in my 50’s that isn’t anything to jump for joy about.  I used the “Quilt in a Day” technique from Eleanor Burns.  The quilts were log cabin quilts. (Pssst they took longer than one day too. Quick but not one day. )   I thought they were beautiful.  I gave one to my mother and the other I put on my bed.  Completely unrelated to  the quilt, but within days of finishing the quilt I got a puppy.  Loved that puppy.  Let puppy sleep with me.  Puppy chewed a three-foot hole in the quilt.  I remember waking up and not singing “Walking on Sunshine” when I saw the hole in my quilt.  Really, the quilt was nice and I was proud of it but I loved that puppy and could not be angry.  I thought “I’ll make another quilt”.  Best I can guess that was 26 years ago.

I have made quilted bags, placements and smaller things but no quilts.   A month ago I made my friend a baby quilt using my mid arm machine and that was the first quilt in 26 years.  It was spectacular but I didn’t take any pictures of it. I was so excited to finish it and give it away.  This blog will help me document and take pictures (however crummy I am at taking pictures – I’m gonna work on improving that skill).

Although I have sewed my whole life, I’m not a quilting professional.  This week I made a little throw to put outside to cover the cushions on the patio furniture.  The cushions are dark blue and I feed feral cats and let them live wherever they want —- therefore I have furry dark blue cushions.  Cost is always an issue with me so I made the throw out of an old flat sheet and the yellow binding is another old flat sheet.  Cost was zero – the batting was from a huge roll I got from Craigslist months ago. I paid $10 for it and used 3 times it’s value already so I consider what I used now as free.

Free motion flowers

I free motion quilted some meandering flowers on the quilt and did the binding following this video.  I did not want to hand stitch the binding – really this is for feral cats and not that they don’t deserve nice but they have life right – live and let live.  Again I haven’t quilted in 26 years and I wasn’t sure how perfectly I would get the stitching if I machined stitched the binding so I ……zig zagged it.  I love it.  I’ll do this again.  It looked as pretty on the back as it did on the front.  I used the edge of my foot as my guide and zig zagged along.  It also made the binding a bit stiff, which I love.  Try it if you are in a rush.


Instructions  for meandering free motion flowers can be seen here.




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