Quick & Easy Retro Chair Makeover

Quick & Easy Retro Chair Makeover

How to recover an old office chair @ wowilikethat.com

I admit it, I have a chair fetish. I love any lost and lonely chair that no one else wants. One would think I didn’t have any chairs when I was growing up.  We did have chairs but it doesn’t matter what the cause, chairs I love them and I really loved this chair. So much so that I paid for it at an antique flea market.  I paid $35 for it too. I thought that was a bargain since he wanted $85 for it. One must barter at a flea market, correct?  I was delighted with the chair and the price.

Lost & Lonely Industrial Retro Chair @ wowilikethat.com

That was until I got this chair for FREE. Can you believe someone was throwing this chair away? I thought, “Are you crazy, I would have paid you for this chair” but I didn’t say that and gladly took it as part of my chair hording collection.

I have upholstered industrial chairs before and they are a devil to get apart and I didn’t feel like putting up a fight and thought I will slip cover them and they will look like sisters.  Step sisters maybe, but they are close enough in looks to pass as family.

Lost & Lonely Industrial Retro Chair @ wowilikethat.com

Here is a finished chair.

In a few days I will show to how easy it is to do the seat cushion and in another day or two I’ll show to how to cover the back the quick and easy way. If you have a lost and lonely chair of your own, pull it out and follow along.  Two hours and have a super, duper cute chair to call your own.

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