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Make a quick & easy boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

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Boot cuffs are cute, warm and oh so easy to make.   These were made using a remnant of fleece picked up at JoAnn Fabrics for about $2.50.  That was enough fleece to make the cuffs, an infinity scarf and decorate some matching gloves.  They would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for a friend, teenager or anyone.  Quick and easy to make too so they would be great for selling at a winter craft fair. Want to make your own?  If so follow along.

Cut two 18″ x 9-1/2″ rectangular strips for the cuff itself.  Cut with the stretchy part of the fleece going across the 18″ piece.  Cut four pieces of the leg piece.  Download the pattern here.  Boot Cuff Pattern  Cut this with the stretchy part of the fleece going from side to side, not top to bottom.  This is very important as it is tight around the ankle and if it doesn’t stretch, it won’t go over your foot.  I made it without a foot because I don’t like feeling the seams in my socks. Plus without a foot, it is easily adjustable for high or low boots.  The pattern is for a high boot.  If you wanted these for a low boot, measure your boot and cut the extra from dotted lines on the pattern and draw a new straight line.  It is important that both the top dimension and the ankle dimension remain the same as on the pattern. Questions, just ask.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

I used my serger but it isn’t necessary as fleece does not ravel.  Serge or stitch, right sides together. If stitching, use a 1/4″ seam or use the edge of your presser foot as a guide.  Turn inside out.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

Sew or serge together 9-1/2 sides, wrong sides together.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

Fold wrong sides together to form cuff.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

With the right side of the leg out, insert the cuff inside the leg.  Match the seam on the cuff to the inside seam of the leg.  The first one doesn’t matter, but the second does.  See which leg the first boot cuff will match the inside seam and do the second one accordingly.

I pinned every quarter.  Sometimes it might be necessary to stretch to fit. That is fine. If serging be careful to remove pins before you reach your blade. Stitch or serge the folded cuff to the leg piece.

Make Boot Cuffs the quick and easy way @ wowilikethat.com

That is it.  Fold the cuff out. Slip on over your foot, put on your boot and adjust. You made a boot cuff.

Boot Cuff Tutorial @ wowilikethat.com

I also made this one.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

And this one. I’ll be posting soon how to make these variations.  Do you watch Shark Tank?  I do, I love that show.  The show was my inspiration for the lace boot cuff.  There was a woman on the show who was making boot cuffs and selling them for around $40.  She had an online store and wanted to expand.  The sharks took the deal and she is probably making millions of dollars now making boot cuffs.  Mine are just as cute, if not cuter.  The difference as always – she did something with her idea. You go girl!

As always, if any questions just ask.

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  2. HI! Have posted the tutorial for the lave boot cuff? I would love to make these for my daughters for Christmas. I love your web site!

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