Pretty, Easy to Make Pillowcases

Look at A Spoonful Of Sugar’s beautiful pillows. (Shown above.) Instructions for the pillowcases can also be found on her site.

I didn’t have 3 different fabrics but I did have two and I so wanted to try her pattern so I gave it a whirl.  Also I have so much fabric and I want to start using larger pieces to reduce my stash before I buy more.

Honestly it took less than an hour to make 2 pillowcases. I will definitely make them again.

I can’t show you beautiful bedroom pictures with the pillows on the bed, because I don’t have that.  I tried to tidy up the one little spot but that is as good as it gets. I hate cleaning these days.  Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. How’s that?  I used to be so fussy and have a picture perfect house, but I gave that up. It takes too much time and as you get older you realize time is limited and therefore I’m selective on how I spend my time.  Cleaning gets about 30 minutes once a week. That is it. I clean enough so there aren’t germs hopping all over the place. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there is a tomb stone out there with “She kept a clean house” etched on it.  People will remember you for the feeling you evoked in them, nothing else.  She made me feel good. She made me feel loved. What else matters?  Not much.

So if you want to make someone feel good and loved, whip up a set of these beautiful pillowcases. I love the little pocket in the back because when you only give yourself 30 minutes a week to clean, there isn’t time to check where is the pillow tag.  Guess who usually has it sticking out?  This solves that problem for me.

Happy Sunday. See you next time.

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4 thoughts on “Pretty, Easy to Make Pillowcases

  1. Love making pillowcases. I always say the same as you Im yet to walk around a cemetery and see a grave stone tooting someones death weight, bank balance or mentioning they kept a clean house hahahahah. Too much cleaning just weakens immune systems thats why Ive bred them tough as boot nails hahahahaha 😉

    • I like how you think. I’ll have to add the weight and bank balance to my needless worry list since it not important in the end. Hey I was on a roll today too- because I do clean up after dinner – if I cook and I consider that I heated up some left over grilled hot dogs for dinner, cooking. Since I cooked, I did do the dishes or rather the one dish that I used in the micro and then I ran the sweeper (in my sewing room only). I consider that a full day for boring stuff. Now on to something more interesting. Thanks for the chuckle. Happy Monday.


  2. After almost 15 years of marriage, my husband has finally accepted that if it is so important to him to have something clean, he better do it himself! Definitely not how I want to spend my days!
    Thank you for having your wonderful contest lists. I check them every day!

    • You are very lucky. I usually hear “that is dirty”. Yep is my usual response. You are so right, if they want it clean, clean it. Thanks for reading. Happy Monday to you.


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