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Happy Monday!  I’ve been working on a couple of things besides trying to figure how to sew on my new used Mega Quilter.  I’m kind of frugal. Ok, I am frugal and I hate wasting fabric and batting to practice. So I had a square I made for a quilt along that I quit following along and thought I would quilt it on my new machine.

Quilted Pillow @

It wasn’t an easy task.  Those big frames are not made for quilting something small. I couldn’t grab the sides and I struggled but it looks good enough to sew together into a pillow.  Below is the back of the pillow.

Quilted Pillow @

I have since sewed together an applique throw and starting quilting it but it is awful and although I won’t use it as a throw I will use it for practice.  I just watched another CreativeBug class and will practice what I’ve learned on my new applique practice piece.

I learned some great new designs on CreativeBug.  Have you looked at CreativeBug yet?  If not, you should.  You can look here.  I like Craftsy too and have taken several classes but the last two classes I took were repetitive of others I had taken and at $20 a shot, it is simply too much for me to pay.  CreativeBug is $9.99 a month but you can cancel at anytime plus they offer a free two week trial and that gives you access to every class they have. Right now they are also having a sale that you can get a whole year of CreativeBug for only $50.00.  Craftsy constantly freezes on me too and I have to refresh, start and the beginning and try to find my place again. I have watched 6 CreativeBug classes to date and not once did the video freeze. I’m a new big fan.

Phone Case @

On to my other new project.  It is a new phone case with zipper for some money or a card.  You could add a side strap and make it a wristlet but I’m going to make this one to hang around my neck with a loop to connect to a lanyard.  I always carry a wristlet except when I take a walk and when I walk I like to be hands free. I didn’t sew the loop on yet but I’ll show you when I’m done.

Phone Case @

I also  drew up and saved my pattern and will be posting it free for anyone to try. I took it to work today to copy and save but it is Monday and Mondays are so busy at work, I didn’t get around to copying the pattern.  In a day or two, I’ll  have it available for you so check back.

If you missed the Giveaway List this weekend, be sure to check now. I find new giveaways daily. You can see the list here or at the top of the page.

See you next time.


6 thoughts on “Phone Case with pocket

  1. Debbie
    Love the phone case and can’t wait for the pattern. Thank you so much for sharing that.
    I too do not like wasting fabric. Scraps I’ve found are my best tool for small projects like this.
    Sewleil in your Day,

  2. This looks great. I want to make one! I look forward to the pattern.

    Also, do you archive previous giveaways? I could only find the current list.There’s a company with a give away from a couple of weeks ago I didn’t bookmark because I was on someone else’s computer and wanted to go to their website today but couldn’t remember it.

    • I do not archive them but wordpress saves previous versions until I delete them. Do you remember what the giveaway was for? If so, let me know and maybe I can find it. I will try to find it at least.

  3. Thank you. No, I don’t remember. I was thinking I’d recognize it if I read through them again! Oh, well, I’m sure to run across it again on your site. I’ll know it when I see it! lol

    • The link is on the post page but people are missing it there. I’ll email you a copy. Check your email. Happy Tuesday to you.

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