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Now this is a mug rug.  Something cute and sweet to sit your cup of deliciousness. These little mug rugs use snippets of fabric and are a breeze to make.  This is a great beginning sewing or quilting project since anything goes and you really can’t go wrong. There are also great to make as a gift.  Pair one with a new coffee mug and some flavored creamer for a little hostess gift.  Or pair several with a little sign (Tutorial coming soon so sign up for email notification so you don’t miss.) and they make an adorable housewarming gift for next to no money.  I have also made this for a craft show and they were good sellers.  I paired 4 with a sign and sold them for $25.00.  I had no cost involved since I used scraps and old fabric and my time per mug is about 5 minutes once my fabric is cut.

So here is how you can make your own.

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Pick some scraps.  I started with some fabric I had left over from this quilt.  The black fabric I bought last week at the thrift store.  I got 12 yards for $.99.  Yea! Once I started making my squares, I wanted even more random looks so I picked and found some snippets here and there and added them too.  There are no rules. Just sew a snippet here or there and then cut out your squares.

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I am fortunate enough to have the Go Baby.  I got the Go Baby because when I wanted to quilt but my cutting skills weren’t the best. I am however getting better at it. Cut four 2-1/2 inch squares for each mug rug.

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I cut enough squares to make six mug rugs. Lay all your squares out little puzzle pieces and match together sets that you like.  Make a stack of your squares. Two top pieces, two bottom pieces, two top pieces, two bottom pieces, etc. Take them to your sewing machine.

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When I start sewing small thin pieces of fabric, without fail my machine will try and eat the first piece.  To prevent this, start sewing on a scrap piece of paper. The paper rips right off when done.

Place your two top pieces right sides together and stitch a quarter-inch seam. When you get close to the end, place your two bottom pieces, right sides together up to the edge and keep stitching.  This will chain all your pieces together and stop the machine from eating your fabric.  It also makes it quicker by not stopping your stitching flow.  No need to back-stitch.  When done, snip the connecting threads and you have sets of two squares. Press seams flat, then press all seams open.

If your pieces got mixed up, lay them all back out and make your sets of mug rugs.  Place 2 sewn top pieces to 2 sewn bottom pieces right sides together.  Make another stack and go back to your sewing machine.  Same process. If needed, use paper to start and continue stitching and chaining your pieces together.  Match your center seam when placing them together.  I didn’t pin  but you could or when your iron is hot, place a small drop of white school glue on the seam and press, it will hold the fabric enough so you don’t need to pin. It washes right out too.  When done stitching, snip connecting threads and you have 4 pieces sewn together for a 4-1/2 square.  Press all seams flat  then press all seams open.

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For every mug rug you need one 4-1/2 piece of backing fabric and one 4-1/2 piece of batting.  If you don’t have  batting, a piece of flannel works too.  If you have the GO Baby with the square dies, the 4-1/2″ die is included.

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Place pieces together. Batting, backing fabric-right side up, pieced square -wrong side up.  See above.  It is a bit hard to tell on the backing but you want the fabric right sides together and the backing behind.

To make the cup, make a pattern from a piece of 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ paper.  Fold square in half and trim the corners on one side only.  See example above.  This is now the pattern.  Put pattern on top of your stack of fabric (batting, backing right side up, stitched square right side down) and trace the corners and cut on your marking line.

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Cut a 4-1/2 inch piece of 1″ wide ribbon for each cup handle.

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Remove the pieced top piece. (They are place altogether and cut so that the pieces match up when sewing).  With batting on the bottom and backing face up, measure 3/4″ from top of cup – one side only.  Place the top of the ribbon against this marked line.  Stitch using narrower than the regular 1/4″ seam.  Making sure the same side of the ribbon is facing up, give some space for the handle and stitch the other side down.

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Pin the pieced side on top of the backing and batting.  This needs pinned down as the ribbon makes it too hard to stay in place otherwise.  I prefer to leave the top open, but you can always leave a 3″ opening on the side opposite of the handle for turning.

Stitch using a 1/4″ seam. Be sure to leave either the top open or a space for turning.  Clip the curves.  Turn & Press.

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That is it.  When giving the final press, turn under the opening and press too.  You can either top stitch to close or do like I and do a quick little hand stitch.

5 minutes.  Super duper cute gift.

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Any questions, ask.

See you next time.




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  2. Yoyr patterns made me lol in the office. I would love to make them as a fundraiser for my church. Do i need to reques permission from you? The Big Girl Panty Coin Purse would be excellent for my for the Women’s group. {Please let me know if this is at all possible.

    • You don’t need my permission but if you want it, I’m giving it. Please feel free to make them, sell them, or give them away. You can send a picture if you want, that I would love. Please enjoy them.

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