Modern Quilt from Craftsy – Quilt #5

Just finished another Modern Quilt from a Craftsy class. I’m loving it.  Started out with some difficulty quilting this one and ripped out at least 1000  stitches and so it got off to a slow start. Once I thought things over and started stitching again, it went quickly.  I thought I would shadow the triangle lines and quilt the inside of the triangles but they ended up being too long and I had too much trouble keeping them straight and I ended up pulling the fabric causing dreadful stitches.  Hence the ripping out.  The solution was to go sideways with shorter rows and simply turning the corner and rounding.  Worked much better.

Quilt 5 @ WowILikeThat

The design is from Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design by Jacquie Gering.  As usual,  I changed it up a bit.  It called for crazy patchwork in some of the triangles but my daughter was picking the fabric and couldn’t decide on a combination to use so we picked just one, the print. It worked.

Quilt 5 @


You can also see that all the stitches aren’t perfect but yet it makes no difference in the overall finish. Rather I think the imperfections add to it and make it look handmade and original.

Quilt 5 @

I also took another Craftsy class.  Free motion quilting by Angela Walter. I used her technique of changing the quilting design.  I divided the quilt in quarters lengthwise.  The first quarter I quilted pebbles.  The second quarter I quilted swirls.  The third quarter I quilted swirls with pebbles and the fourth quarter I quilted swirls with leaves.

Quilt 5 @

I also pieced the fabric from the front to make the binding.  I follow this technique again to do the binding and it has yet to fail.

Quilt #5 @

Unfortunately or fortunately, there wasn’t enough backing fabric and therefore I pieced together the back. I will never have a solid back again.  The pieced backing is so much more interesting.

Quilt #5 @

See you next time. Happy Quilting.



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