Mid Arm Machine – Finished

This is what an old industrial darning machine looks like.  It has about a 2-1/2 inch cylinder base.  Great I suppose for darning socks but not for quilting. My original design was to cut a hole in a table and drop the machine down making it level with the table.  When I did that, I was unable to use the industrial motor and bobbin winder because it was too much to cut out of the table and the table would no longer have been a table, it would have just been a big hole with legs.  I had attached a home sewing machine motor with a regular foot pedal.  If you read here, it didn’t work.

So back went the darn darner on its original table and as it sat it was useless as a quilting machine.  Woe was me.  I thought ok, I can build a table around it but all I had around was plywood.  I didn’t know if I painted it in a gloss paint and maybe waxed it, if it would have enough slip and slide to work but I was going to try my best.  I drew a template around the machine – I used news paper and cut and taped it around the machine and I was almost done when I ran out of tape.  While I was up looking for more tape, I banged against a filing cabinet and a piece of Plexiglas fell out.  When things like that happen, it reaffirms to me that there is definitely a higher power.  Plexiglas was perfect.   I got the Plexiglas cut, screwed pieces of wood on the bottom to raise it to machine level and slip slid it went right in.  I probably could have gone a tad closer to the cylinder but that is hard to figure, I was using the sides as my guide.  Darning machine turned into FMQ machine

As you can see in this picture, it looks as if there is a gap and there is but it is close enough to work, especially when I put my Supreme glider on. Now I have my own mid arm machine. Yeah!

Darning machine turned into FMQ machine.


Happy Quilting




6 thoughts on “Mid Arm Machine – Finished

  1. Debbie, it is awesome,! I linked you from quiling board and your blog is fantastic, I’ll put you in my blogroll.
    You are very creative and resourceful, love your machine and ideas.
    Marta in a tidy sewing room….

    • Hi Marty,
      Are you the one I commented on that had such a pretty & clean room? Your room was beautiful. Resourceful, I am. And you know what, I don’t feel slighted in the least bit. Things can just cost too much money and if I can figure out a way to get the same results for little or no money, I feel great about it. Even if I didn’t have children and a lifetime of college debt and could spend all the money I make, I would still do things for less. I have always been frugal. Thank you for reading and writing. Thanks for the kind comments.
      Enjoy your Saturday.

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