Making your own mid arm quilting machine

It has happened before, I miss whole movements, eras, and there is probably a decade or two I can’t clearly recall.  I suppose I’m so centered in my own world that stuff passes me by, but not this time.  I didn’t know until recently that there was a free motion quilting movement.  I have stippled things for years and I like free motion sewing but on my home machine with usually an open toe foot. It is quite doable and with lovely results too but it didn’t take my breath away like seeing a long-arm machine for the first time. I knew there were long-arm machines but I thought the designs were all computer generated which is pretty but not awe inspiring.

I saw a long arm machine and I wanted one. I really wanted one but I had two problems…

  1. Not enough space
  2. Not enough money

I bought some lottery tickets and figured I would win a couple million and buy a bigger house and I would have both the money and space. Not really sure what happened but it didn’t work because I didn’t win any money and now I was an extra $20 short on my long-arm quilter down payment.  I would have resorted to Plan B but I didn’t really have a backup plan.

Luckily, as I was trolling around the Internet looking at long-arm machines, I spied a mid arm quilting machine.  Again, I hadn’t even known there was such a machine.  I liked the mid arm better than the long-arm since it reduced the problems down to only one….not enough money.  This is the mid-arm I saw and loved.

Tomorrow I will show you my $20.00 homemade version of the mid-arm machine.


2 thoughts on “Making your own mid arm quilting machine

  1. How clever of you! I am going to my friendly neighborhood machine repair and request a used darning machne. My favorite size quilt for donation is 60×80, but I am tired of wrestling them through my home sewing machine. Thank you!

    • That is a big donation quilt. How nice of you. I’m sure my way of converting the machine could be improved on but if you have questions on how I did it, just ask and I’ll be happy to try and explain.

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