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Sorry for the break.  I got a new job. I didn’t start it yet but I had a week’s vacation due and I took it.  Although I haven’t been blogging, I have been sewing. To enjoy my vacation I signed up for a Craftsy class.  I love Craftsy. This is the 4th class I have signed up for.  Much easier then hiking off to a quilt shop to take a class plus I can take it in my pajamas.  If you haven’t looked at Craftsy, check it out here.

Improvisational Piecing

The class I recently signed up for was Improvisational Piecing, Modern Design with Jacquie Gering.  She teaches you to make 5 different modern quilts.  I love them all and decided I will make each one.  The only problem was that she uses lots of scraps in her quilts and I just started quilting and have never saved my general sewing scraps not that they would have worked anyhow.  So I had to improvise.

Also, when I fell in love with modern quilting and decided I wanted to learn how to do it, I signed up for a quilt along.  I really, really, really wanted to participate.  I downloaded the material list and against my cheapskatebetter judgement, I  ordered all the fabric for the quilt along.  I ordered it from one of her sponsors and it cost over $170.00.  Who can afford to quilt?  I still feel ill over spending that much money but it was nice fabric.  I hated the quilt along and stopped participating after 4 blocks.  Not that she wasn’t a good instructor or the blocks great but every time you turned around she said you had to buy something else.  Then she disappeared for weeks at a time and didn’t comment on anyone’s questions or progress.  I want to learn to quilt but I don’t have lots of extra money and I prefer to make do.

Craftsy classes are about $39.00.  I have signed up for 4 but each time they were on sale. Register and they will send you notices of classes on sale too.

Lovers Knot1This quilt is the first of the quilts from Jacqiue’s class.  It required a background fabric, backing fabric and 28 different scraps.  I didn’t have any scraps.  I had a  few fat quarters hanging around but no scraps. Therefore I made my quilt from 2 fabrics.  The stripped backing fabric I bought off Craigslist – the woman had a bunch of fabric for sale at her house, it was all on bolts.  I think it was $.75 a yard.  The green fabric I got at a church sale bag sale.  I got about 10 yards of this and all kind of other goodies for $2.00.  The batting I had leftover from something.  This is my kind of quilting. Pretty and cheap.

Love Knot 3

Jacquie’s quilt was designed to have 2 rings.  I did mine using only 1.  The instructions were fabulous, and it was easy to make and modify.  You can see the shading in the fabric.  This fabric felt like cotton but has a slight nap that is magnified in the photos.  In person, the variation is slight but interesting and I intentionally made them random to add some dimension to the quilt, especially since I didn’t have all the color from different scraps.  I love it.  I did all the quilting for this on my regular Singer sewing machine.  It is all simply straight line stitching. The backing is the same as the ring, the stripped fabric.  For the binding I pieced together some green and stripped fabric, cut them into 2-1/4″ strips and used these instructions to make and apply the binding.

green binding and backing

I’ll show you project #2 tomorrow.

See you next time.


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