I love to sew

Easy Dress made from free pattern @ wowilikethat.com

I do, I do, I do. Sewing is my peace and my zen.

Are you inspired by all the sewing blogs and beautiful posts on Pinterest that highlight homemade and home sewn things?  Do you want to learn to sew but don’t know where to start?  The key to learning to sew like any else is simply to start. Do something. Make something.  Reinvent something.

Of course you need a sewing machine.  Beg or borrow one if you must.  Buy one on Craigslist.  Go garage sale shopping.  I have 2 machines in my sewing room that I bought at garage sales for $10.00 each.  Both are older and both are great.  My midarm machine was reinvented from an old industrial darning machine and it was free.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Fabric like everything else now days can cost a lot of money too.  Again, that is if you let it.  I buy new fabric if I must, almost always on sale or with a coupon but I buy  fabric at the thrift store too. I reinvent fabric – use sheets for curtains and pillow, etc.  My local thrift store has $.99 Saturdays.  I buy pieces that I have no intention of wearing or know will not fit, I buy it for the fabric.  It is surprising how much fabric can be had from an old jumper. More than enough for a new skirt and a wristlet or two from the left over pieces.

These are some wristlets I made from old clothing.

It has been cold, so very cold here and it seems as if the snow is never going to end.  The one good thing about the cold snowy weather is that one spends a lot of time inside.  If inside, what do you do?  If you can sew, you sew and  grateful for the crummy weather.

I was snow bound the other day without anything on the agenda to sew.  I came across this free dress pattern on So Sew Easy.  I didn’t have any pretty print knit fabric but I had this beautiful vintage off-white double-knit that I got in a 5 foot bin full of fabric for $12 at a flea market. The bin itself was worth more than the $12 spent, so it was as if the fabric was just a bonus and free.

Easy to Sew Dress @ wowilikethat.com

From the fabric,  I made this dress.  I looked too plain so I added hand stitching. I love it.

Easy to Sew Dress @ wowilikethat.com

The pattern is easy. Very easy.

Free easy dress pattern. I could have a whole wardrobe full of these easy to sew, easy to wear dresses.

I serged the dress and the  sewing took no more than 25 minutes. By the way, I bought my serger from Craigslist for $75.00.

Easy to Sew Dress @ wowilikethat.com

I also added a free form flower to it too. Cute, huh? The dress is super-duper cute on.  Fits me wonderfully.  I wear a size 12 and I cut on the size 6.  It only goes to a size 6 though so if you are full-figured this pattern won’t work.  If you make one, be sure to post it on  So Sew Easy‘s Craftsy page so everyone can see it and it helps drive traffic to So Sew Easy’s site.

If you looking for something cute but easy to sew, give this dress a try. It is a dream to make.

See you next time.






2 thoughts on “I love to sew

  1. Hi Debbie and thank you so much for sharing the great dress you made from my pattern. Its very generous of you to write about it and include links back to my site. I just want to mention a bit about the sizing. I have a lot of downloads of my patterns from all over the world and I have to take care with describing sizing. For example a size 8 dress in the US is very different to a size 8 dress in the UK. So I number all of my sizes from 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, but they could just as easily be A, B, C, D etc. This dress does go from a 31 to a 40 inch bust, so yes, it won’t fit the more curvy ladies, but I do have other patterns in larger sizes and am working on new ones all the time.
    I hope you’ll give some of my other patterns a try!

    • Thank you Deby. I will definately try more patterns and I did understand about the sizing on the pattern. Even commerical patterns at the store don’t match regular sizing. It is what it is but I must say how you sized it with true dimensions made it much easier to pick the correct size. You did a fantastic job. I’m so impressed with your dress making skills. You have earned yourself a big fan here. Enjoy your day. Thanks again.

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