Homemade Gifts – $.50 Headwarmers

I saw someone wearing a fleece headwarmer with a flower on it yesterday and thought “I could do that” and what an easy homemade gift that would make.  And I could do that and I made my own. I had the fleece.  It was a remnant and the whole piece cost less than a $1.00. I can get 4 out of my piece but if you don’t have any fleece, you can buy it at JoAnn’s on sale for about $2.99 a yard. You would get 6 headwarmers out of a yard equaling$.50 each.

$.50 Headwarmers @ wowilikethat.com

Measure your head.  My head is 23 inches.  Cut a 4″ piece of fleece the width of the fabric. MAKE SURE you cut the fleece from salvage to salvage and that is stretches.  If you cut raw edge to raw edge, it will not stretch. From the 4″ piece, cut two 23″ pieces. (Or whatever measurement you are using.) Do not add any additional for a seam allowance.  You need it to be snug and stretch.

Gifts - $.50 headwarmers

Stitch both long sides of the 4″ strips.  I used the edge of my pressure foot as my guide and moved my needle slightly to the right.  Turn seams to the inside.  I know everywhere it always tells you not to press fleece but I always press on low heat and with steam.  Otherwise it looks too homemadish (this may be a new word Mr. Webster) to me.  I love handmade but not necessarily homemade. Do you know what I mean?  Just be careful, don’t have the iron to hot and don’t keep it on the fleece for more than a second.  It will get the seams flat and looking great.

$.50 Headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com

After stitching, turning and pressing.  Top-stitch along the edge.  Again use the edge of your pressure for as a guide.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com

Now sew the ends together.  Word of caution – fleece stretches.  When I was sewing the edges together, the bottom stretched and it wasn’t even and I had to un-sew and start again.  Second time around I put a pin at the top and the bottom to make sure my edges started and ended together.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com

Awww, the edges are sewn and it was too unfinished looking so I sewed the edges down and trimmed.  It looked a lot better that way.

$.50 headwarmers @ wowilikethat.com

The edges sewn down. It looks much neater this way.

$.50 headwarmers @ wowilikethat.com

To make the flower, cut a 1″ strip 23″ long and stitch down.  I folded the headwarmer in half with the seam being the back and stitched the tail down 3″ from the front center.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com

The flower was hot glued to the headwarmer.  To make the flower simply twist and turn the fleece. Glue. Twist and turn. Glue. Keep twisting and turning and be sure to tuck the tail up underneath and glue. That is it.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com

Cute, huh?

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.comI made this last night and wore it to work today.  Lots of compliments to be had. :)  I however, gave it away and had to make myself another one tonight.

This time I didn’t sew and turn and top-stitch the edges. I simply sewed the edges together with a straight stitch.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com

Instead of sewing a seam which is thick and unattractive, overlap the edges and stitch down with a zip zag stitch.   Trim close to stitching.  It looks much neater.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com


For the flower, cut the strips with pinking shears.  This flower was tacked down and I started with a knot. Stitch the strip in place first.  Same procedure.  Twist and turn, now tack by hand, twist and turn and tack. The edges, I just quickly stitched down going through only the top layer of the headwarmer and the back looks neat and clean.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.com

The whole headwarmer took no more than 15 minutes to make.  I think they will make lovely little gifts for co-workers. Teenagers would love them too.

$.50 headwarmer @ wowilikethat.comSee you next time.







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