Freezer Paper Stenciled Personalized Shirt – How to create in CorelDraw & cut on your Silhouette

There are tons of tutorials out there on how to freezer paper stencil a shirt so I’m not going to show  you how to do that.  You can see some great tutorials for that here or here.


Freezer paper stenciling is easy and fun to do.  The challenge however is to create your own design and get it sent to the Silhouette cutter.  You can buy designs from Silhouette and when I plugged in my Silhouette yesterday, it said I needed to update. The update was a plugin that would allow me to easily and quickly use CorelDraw or Illustrator and send the design to the Silhouette.  Guess what?  It cost $39.99.

I needed a quick, easy and cheap little gift and I was no way, no how gonna spend $40.00 for that. So I played and I figured it out. It is quick and easy too and doesn’t cost $40.00.

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt @

Open CorelDraw to a new page.  Create your design.

I don’t like to think of myself as a cheapskate, rather I’m frugal.  Again, if I need a cheap gift, I don’t want to be spending all kind of money.  If you are familiar with CorelDraw or any type of graphic design and / or the printing process, you know that your graphic needs to be vector. Vector in layman’s terms means if you enlarge and enlarge the picture, you will not see those little pixel boxes.  It will remain smooth and clean regardless of the size.  Problem is that vector art usually costs money.  All I wanted was some simple animal silhouettes but I couldn’t find any for free.  Soooooo I simply used a font.  There are millions of free fonts.  I picked a free animal font from, enlarged it and it worked perfectly.  I created the call out from the shapes in Corel, added my text and in 2 minutes my artwork was done, waiting and wanting to be sent to my Silhouette cutter.

The Silhouette cutter uses a SVG extension but trying to save your design as SVG and opening it in the Silhouette Studio software didn’t work.

There is one simple step in between.  All you have to do is first convert your design to a bitmap and then save that bitmap as an SVG extension.

That is it.  Create, convert and save.  Open your Silhouette Studio, get a new page, and find the design where you saved it.  To find it though, select OPEN, then in the dialog box, select ALL FILES in the drop down labeled FILES OF TYPE.  The design will appear as the image you created.  Now under the OBJECTS toolbar at the top of the Silhouette Studio, select TRACE.  This will trace your design for cutting.  You do not have to remove the graphics.  From here, simply send the design to your cutter and you are done, done, done and you still have that $40.00 they wanted in your pocket.

If you have any questions, holler and I’ll be happy to help.

See you next time.



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