Craft Fairy Series – Naming your craft business – Part 2

I have already posted about how I picked the name of my site which is also the name of my craft business.  My name doesn’t follow all the rules you read on how to pick a name.  It is hard to settle on a name because it isn’t something you can easily change once you pick it.  I read constantly on starting and growing a business and  2 basic rules remain constant:

1. Keep it simple and easy to remember. Don’t mix up the spelling to make it cute.  That would be ok for a craft booth but if you ever want a blog or website, you will lose people who aren’t good at bookmarking or going back to find their pins.  They simply won’t remember the name or how to spell it.

2. If you have lots of interests and skills don’t limit yourself by picking a narrow name.  For example, you make wild crazy fun wallets and you decide to name your business “Wanda’s Wild Wallets”.  Easy to remember but what happens if 6 months down the road you decide you like making  wild & crazy tote bags? Who would think of looking for  totes at “Wanda’s Wild Wallets”?  “Where The Wild Things Are” would be a better choice. Still easy to remember but now you can sell all the wild and crazy things your creative little mind can think up.

If you only like making things for children, including Kids, Tikes, Tots, Little Ones etc., in your name is great. Those names give you lots of room to grow.  Same as with cooking or baking.  If you really are only going to make cupcakes by all means use the word cupcakes in your name but if you also like making cookies and cakes, use something along the line of Delectable, Yummy, Tasty etc. in the name.

You decide you are going to call your craft business “Where the Wild Things Are” and you know you want to blog too so your business can grow and your customers can find you.  You do a quick domain search and you find that WhereTheWildThingsAre is already taken. Ohhhh nooooo. Don’t worry, this is ok. This little hurdle won’t stop you.  You make handmade wild things. Right?  Now if you do a domain search for you find that it is available. Hip hip hooray.  Even if you have no idea how to build a blog, buy the domain.  You don’t have to do anything with it at the moment and you can buy a domain for a year for 99 cents so buy it before someone else does.

See how easy that was.  I’m good at thinking up names and if you need help, just ask and I will be happy to offer some suggestions.

Check back soon as I have a notebook full of craft names I like.  I don’t know if any or all of them have available domains, I simply like looking at names and I write them down so be sure to check back for some inspiration.

See you next time.



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