Craft Fairy – Making Crafts Your Business – Part 4 – Picking a Name

Picking A Name For Your Craft Business.

You want a business name that jumps out at your customers.  Something that is easy to remember. Cute, clever and creative names work best for craft businesses.  Start a notebook with name ideas.  Look for inspiration or ideas. Look at the successful shops on Etsy.    If you want to blog too, pick a craft name that still has an available domain available for it.

I want everything branded.  I want my blog name the same as my Etsy shop and my craft booth.  I had at least 25+ names that I thought would work great and I prided myself on being so creative for thinking up all these great names.  Guess what?  I wasn’t all that creative, at least not anymore than the 25+ other people who already owned the domains.  I picked “Wow I Like That” not because the domain was available, it wasn’t.  It was however ready to expire and there wasn’t an active domain using it.  So, I patiently waited for it to expire.  I had to wait two month for it to expire, then I had to wait several more before it finally showed up as available and for sale.

If you think you may want to blog or sell your goods online, look for a domain when picking your name.  Domain names are available for as little as $1.99 a year. Anyone can afford that.  Do a Google search for “Cheap Domains” and  you’ll find hundreds of sites offering domains for sale.  I paid for my domain name for 2 years so I wouldn’t risk missing the renewal before I even got the blog up and running.

You can blog for free but you will not have your own domain.  For example, if I wanted to blog with Google, my site name would have been  Or if I had taken the free WordPress blog my site name would have been  I didn’t want Blogspot or WordPress in my blog’s name and I pay for hosting to avoid this. (PS, I did sign up and have both the and names only so someone else wouldn’t come along and take them to confuse my all ready confused world.)  I will explain the self hosting another time.  The thing to remember now is to pick a name that you can own the corresponding domain. Buy the domain.  You don’t have to do anything with the name until you are good and ready but it is available when you are ready to move on.

You can search for domain names at any site that is offering domains for sale.  Here is IPage they are who host my service & you can check to see the availability of a domain name here.  Pick a name, see if it is available, then search for the lowest price to purchase.






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    • Go to and type in the domain name you are interested in. It is all listed in the data that comes up. Easy huh? If you need more help, just holler.

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