Another Tutorial Tuesday – Walker Bag

My friends father is in a nursing home.  They are hosting a raffle and need things appropriate for residents in the nursing home.  My friend asked if I would make a walker bag to go in the basket.  I had already made the tissue box cover and thought I would use the same home dec fabric.

walker bag

I followed the instructions I found on Instructables.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow but I did make a few modifications.

I did not use interfacing because I used home dec fabric.  The home dec fabric does not need any additional interfacing. (Step 1)


I also did not having thin cording. (Step 2)  I made piping instead.  I think I like the piping better than I would have liked the cording.  To make the piping, I cut 1-1/2″ bias strips and pressed in the center.


The instructions called for 30″ of webbing. (Step 2)  I had zero webbing so I made fabric straps instead.  I cut 2 pieces of 15″ x 4″ fabric.  I ironed in half and then folded my edges in to meet the middle and pressed well.  I sewed all edges with a zig zag stitch to add strength and durability.


The instructions also called for leaving the bottom opened.  I thought the bottom needed the extra strength of a good sewn seam so I left an opening on the side between the pockets.  It was more than enough room to turn. (Step 8) Also be sure to trim your corners.


I loved how it turned out.  Cute and color.  Easy too which is always a perk.


I didn’t have a walker to model it on.  Sorry my chair is a sad substitute.


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