Oct 23

2 More Free Quilting Patterns

2 more free quilting patterns @ wowilikethat.com

2 More Free Quilting Patterns – Modern

Hi All,

I’ve had a very busy week and didn’t get much sewing done. Although I’ve kept the Giveaway List updated daily so be sure that you check it out. You can find the list at the top of the page. Lots of good things being given away this week.

I went and bought some Christmas fabric this week and have a couple things in planning so stay tuned for some quick and easy projects for gift giving.

But before I started on Christmas gifts, I wanted to start a bed sized quilt for my son. Poor thing has been patiently waiting and waiting. I’ve had the fabric for months. Who buys fabric before they have a pattern in mind? Me. :)  I kept looking and looking on what I thought he would like and I kept changing my mind. I finally figured anything was better than nothing. I decided on the Shooting Star pattern I saw in Fresh Quilts Magazine.


My background is going to be grey and I’m switching it up a bit because I can never follow a pattern 100% nor a recipe. Buy hey that is how new things are invented.

In my search to find what I wanted to make I did come across 2 more free modern quilt patterns and I thought I would share. I love them both. I collect free quilt patterns and you can see my posts here and here.

The Sundial Quilt from Dear Stella Designs.


Astrodelic Quilt from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Hope you are having a good week. See you soon.



Oct 14

Serendipity & The Tea Cup Apron


Apron @ wowilikethat.com

Hi All,

I’m not going to ramble on about serendipity and happenstance but I’m a wholehearted believer. The key is to recognize it as such and appreciate it’s place in your world. The worse thing is to ignore it and brush it off as coincidence. There are no coincidences.

I was making some aprons this week for a tea cart promotion we are doing at work. I had in my stash some tea cup fabric that I have wondered about for years what will I do with it.  Tea cart = a use for the unused tea cup material.

Sorry, I only took pictures of one of the aprons before I took them to work.  But to make the apron is very easy. A great beginner sewing project. It requires 1 yard of fabric to make.

1. Measure from your waist to your knee.  Mine was 17-1/2″.

2. Using cotton fabric, first snip an inch or so down and rip the fabric the whole width across. If the fabric isn’t straight and it doesn’t rip the whole width, start again. Snip another inch down on the fabric and rip.  I had to do this 3 times till it ripped the whole width.  This will give you a straight edge to measure from.

3. From the straight edge, mark down the length measured from your waist to your knee.  At this marked point, snip and rip the whole width of the fabric.  This is the apron. My piece was 17-1/2″ x 45″.

4. To make the waistband and sash, snip and rip 3 strips 5″ x width of fabric. My pieces were 5″ x 45″.

5. To make, serge the sides of the 17-1/2″ x 45″ piece. If you don’t have a serger, turn under 1/4″ and press. Turn under another 1/4″ and sew close to the edge. If you have a serger, serge and turn under 1/4″ and sew close to the edge.

6. Hem the bottom in the same fashion as you finished the sides.

7. On the top, using your presser foot as a guide, stitch a line of a basting stitch along the top. Leave a long tail of thread at the beginning and end. This will be joined to the waistband.

8. To make waist band, cut one 5″ x 45″ strips in half making a 5″ x 22-1/2″ piece. With right sides together, sew one 5″ x 45″ strip to each side of the 5′” x 22-1/2″ piece. Press the seams open and flat.

9. Pin one edge of the 17-1/2″ x 45″ piece to the seam one waistband – right sides together. Pin the other edge of the 17-1/2″ x 45″ piece to the other seam. Pull the long tails of thread and gather up the fabric to fit within the 22-1/2″ piece of the waistband. Smooth the gathers evenly. Stitch into place.

10. Fold the sashes right sides together and starting at seam, stitch the entire length of the sash turning and continuing to sew at the tip. Do the same on the other sash.

11. Turn and press flat. To finish waistband, Press the gathered section up and fold  under the waistband to make it even with the sash. Press flat, pin in place and hand stitch the waistband down. The sash is long and can be wrapped around the waist of most twice. That is it. All done.

If using a serger, the apron takes less than a hour to make. It took me about 35 minutes using a serger.

The other apron I made I used the below fabric. I really wondered what I was going to do with that fabric as cute as it is. It made an adorable apron.

apron @ wowilikethat.com

I also had some pieces left from the aprons and put together this little fabric box to hold the tea bags or maybe some sugar.  I found the instructions for the box at Sea Side Stitches.

Apron @ wowilikethat.com

I finished my aprons and was reading blog comments. A woman had written to me about a program she is involved with. It is called Operation Christmas Child and they fill a shoe box full of things for a needy child and mail the boxes to them at Christmas. She has a blog “Simply Shoe Boxes“.  I thought what a wonderful, easy, meaningful program to get involved with. When I took a look at her blog she had just made a tea cup dress to put in one of the boxes. Now I know what to do with the rest of the tea cup fabric I have and I believe it was serendipity and I was meant to become involved.  I’ll write more about this later.

Lots and lots of great giveaways going on this week so if you haven’t checked out the current giveaways, you can see them here.

Also, Pin Junkie is having a large blog party and anyone who has a blog and would like to join is welcome.  The party starts on Thursday and you can come back here to join since I’m joining in the fun.

See you next time.