Jul 28

Phone Case with pocket

Hi All,

Happy Monday!  I’ve been working on a couple of things besides trying to figure how to sew on my new used Mega Quilter.  I’m kind of frugal. Ok, I am frugal and I hate wasting fabric and batting to practice. So I had a square I made for a quilt along that I quit following along and thought I would quilt it on my new machine.

Quilted Pillow @ wowilikethat.com

It wasn’t an easy task.  Those big frames are not made for quilting something small. I couldn’t grab the sides and I struggled but it looks good enough to sew together into a pillow.  Below is the back of the pillow.

Quilted Pillow @ wowilikethat.com

I have since sewed together an applique throw and starting quilting it but it is awful and although I won’t use it as a throw I will use it for practice.  I just watched another CreativeBug class and will practice what I’ve learned on my new applique practice piece.

I learned some great new designs on CreativeBug.  Have you looked at CreativeBug yet?  If not, you should.  You can look here.  I like Craftsy too and have taken several classes but the last two classes I took were repetitive of others I had taken and at $20 a shot, it is simply too much for me to pay.  CreativeBug is $9.99 a month but you can cancel at anytime plus they offer a free two week trial and that gives you access to every class they have. Right now they are also having a sale that you can get a whole year of CreativeBug for only $50.00.  Craftsy constantly freezes on me too and I have to refresh, start and the beginning and try to find my place again. I have watched 6 CreativeBug classes to date and not once did the video freeze. I’m a new big fan.

Phone Case @ wowilikethat.com

On to my other new project.  It is a new phone case with zipper for some money or a card.  You could add a side strap and make it a wristlet but I’m going to make this one to hang around my neck with a loop to connect to a lanyard.  I always carry a wristlet except when I take a walk and when I walk I like to be hands free. I didn’t sew the loop on yet but I’ll show you when I’m done.

Phone Case @ wowilikethat.com

I also  drew up and saved my pattern and will be posting it free for anyone to try. I took it to work today to copy and save but it is Monday and Mondays are so busy at work, I didn’t get around to copying the pattern.  In a day or two, I’ll  have it available for you so check back.

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See you next time.


Jul 18

35 More Free Modern Quilt Patterns

35 more free modern quilt patterns @ wowilikethat.com

35 more free modern quilt patterns for you to try and enjoy.

I buy patterns, lots of them. I buy books, way too many of them for sure. However, when I am not sure what I want to make, and try to use up what I have I like free patterns.  Here is a collection of 35 great quilt patterns for free.

If this list isn’t enough, my original post of 32 free quilt patterns can be found here.

May your bobbin always be full.


Triangle Toss

Triangle Toss at McCall’s Quilting. 

Renaissance Waves Quilt at Moda Bake Shop.

Sugar Pop and Change Quilt at Moda Bake Shop.

Four Patch Slice at Inspiring Creations.

Twisted Triangles at All People Quilt.

Blue and Grey-Toned Quilt with Chevron Pattern

Chevron Quilting Pattern by Six White Horses on Craftsy.

"H" Block baby quilt

H Block Baby Quilt by Sharon Holland Designs.

Layer Cake Lemonade by Bee in My Bonnet.

Diamonds quilt hanging

Rainbow Diamonds Mini Quilt by Craftbuds.


Jungle Path Baby Quilt at Moda Bake Shop.

Film Strip Quilt by Crazy Mom Quilts.

Blue Quilt with Triangle Designs

Birthday Bunting Quilt by Deborah O”Hare on Craftsy.

Happy Crossings by Pat Bravo.

Island Leis- Free Quilt Pattern

Island Leis by Quilting is My Therapy. Several pretty modern patterns available here.

Halfmoon Boats

Half Moon Boats by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Free Quilt Pattern and Tutorial - Stripes and Herringbone Quilt

Stripes & Herringbone Quilt by Love to Sew.

Jumble Quilt Pattern

Jumble by A Bright Corner.

Interlock by Kelly Bowser on Sew Mama Sew.

Ladder Lattice Quilt by Kristin Schwarze on Sew Mama Sew.


Free Modern Quilt Pattern with stacked swirls quilting and straight line border by Angela Walters

All Mine by Quilting is My Therapy.

Belle Wave Quilt Pattern by Fresh Lemons Quilts : Faith

Belle Wave Quilt at Fresh Lemon Quilts.

Pirouette by Studio E Fabrics.

Arrow Tail by Sing All You Want

Modern Quilt

Modern Quilt by Janome

Peas in a Pod: FREE Quick and Bright Twin Size Quilt Pattern

Peas in a Pod by McCall’s Quilting.


Movement in Square by Ivory Spring.


 Summer Cheer by Art Gallery Fabrics.

Styled and Sashed Modern Garden Quilt

 Styled and Stashed Modern Garden Quilt by FaveQuilts.

Tween Tumbler: FREE Bright Modern Honeycomb Twin Bed Quilt Pattern

Honeycomb by McCall’s Quilting.



 Modern Rainbow on Craftsy.


 Floating Colors I5 on Craftsy.

Eye Spy Quilt on Craftsy.

Triangle Quilt on Craftsy.

Modern Halves on Moda Bake Shop.

Baby Showers on Moda Bake Shop.


Jul 04

Baby Quilt – Part 2

Hi All,

I needed a baby quilt and couldn’t find the right pattern so I made my own. You can read Part 1 here on my inspiration for the quilt.

Baby Quilt instructions @ wowilikethat.com

To make the baby quilt, I bought 2 yards of pink polka dots, 2 yards of grey polka dots and 1 yard of the focus elephant fabric. If I hadn’t messed up on my binding there would have been about 1/2 yard extra elephant fabric, but since I did mess up, I had nothing left.


1 – 22-1/2″ x Length of fabric strip from the pink

1 – 3″ x Length of fabric strip from the pink cut into four 3″ x 4-1/2 rectangles

1 – 9″ Length of fabric strip from the grey

1 – 3″ x Length of fabric strip from the grey cut into four 3″ x 4-1/2″ rectangles

1 – 8″ Width of fabric strip from the focus fabric – cut into five 8″ squares

6 or 7 1-1/4″ strips of fabric to frame the focus fabric. I had scraps of white fabric that I used.  If framing fabric is needed, 1/4 yard would be enough if the store cuts it straight. If not, again better to have more, 1/3 yard would be more than enough. Cut ten 9″ pieces from the 1-1/4″ strips and ten 11″ pieces from the 1-1/4″ strips. Keep any smaller pieces as they are needed for the block connector pieces.


Frame the blocks first by sewing the framing strips to the sides of each block. Sew the 9″ strips to the sides of all 5 blocks using a 1/4″ seam. Press seams open and trim the top and bottom of the block.

Baby Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

Sew the top and bottom framing pieces to the blocks with the side pieces using 1/4″ seam. Press seams open and trim all edges.  The blocks with framing pieces should measure 9-1/2″ square. If needed, trim all squares the exact same size.

Baby Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

Sew one 3″ x 4-1/2″ pink piece to a left over framing piece.

Baby Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

Sew one 3″ x 4-1/2″ grey piece to the other side of the piece. Always sew using 1/4 seam. Press seams open and trim and extra of the framing fabric off making a nice smooth 3″ x 9-1/2″ piece.  Repeat 3 more times using the 3″ x 4-1/2″ pieces.

Baby Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

The connector pieces need centered in the middle of each framed block. Rather than measuring and pinning, I pressed each block in half to find and see the center.

Sew one connector piece (the pink 3″ x 4-1/2″ piece, 1-1/4″ framing piece and 3″ x 4-1/2″ grey piece) to one framed focus fabric square.  The connector piece will be slightly larger than the square but this will be trimmed off. Center the middle of the 1-1/2″ strip to the center of the framed focus block. Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat. Again these are sewn with 1/4″ seam. Press seams open and trim off all excess of the connector pieces.

Sew your pink 22-1/2″ x length of fabric piece to one side of your blocks and connectors. Sew your grey 9″ x length of fabric piece to the other side. Press seams open and trim the top and bottom even with your block piece.

That is it. Your quilt top is done. So easy and oh so cute.

Baby Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

To make the back, my strips go width wise rather than length wise. Sewing 2″ squares together, I added interest in the middle of solid strips.  EMMA I cut out using my Accuquilt Letters which make the quilt super duper cute  but you could also make by printing a template off the computer, tracing and cutting out.

Darning machine now FMQ Machine.

I quilted swirls using my homemade mid-arm quilting machine which I made for free. You can see how I made my machine here.

Baby Quilt @ wowilikethat.com

To made the binding, I pieced together random size pieces of all three fabrics. I followed these instructions for attaching.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy Fourth of July.

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See you next time.