Feb 25

Thanks, I Made It – Quick & Easy Bunny Skirt

Make a quick & easy bunny skirt @ wowilikethat.com

Wanna talk about cute?  This skirt is so darn cute.  The skirt was made following the simple skirt tutorial from this post.  A bit of applique was added following the instructions from this post.   I used the measurements chart from the skirt post to get the sizing correct.

bunny applique @ wowilikethat.com









The bunny image you can download here. (Bunny Applique)    This skirt is a size 3, so adjust the bunny accordingly.  A larger size skirt could sport a larger bunny.

The bunny applique is made using fleece.  Not only will the fleece not ravel but it is warm and fluffy like a real bunny.  The bunny tail is a little pom-pom that was made from 1/4″ strip of fleece.  I have these fantastic Clover pom-pom makers but I couldn’t find them.  Hmmmm wonder where I put them?  They will eventually show back up but in the meantime I wanted to finish my skirt so I made my pom-poms. I think they look perfect and am now questioning my need to buy every size set of the pom-pom makers. :)  I still love them but you truly don’t need them. If you don’t have a pom-pom maker and don’t  know how to make a pom-pom, you can find good instructions here.

bunny applique @ wowilikethat.com

The eye is a little gem I applied with my Kandi Kane.  Love that little tool. Unlike the pom-pom maker, this little handy-dandy tool I could not live without.  Yes you can glue a gem to your fabric using glue.  I have tried but the gems fall off. Every single time it falls off.  They don’t fall off with the Kandi Kane.  It heats the glue on the tip of the gems and it is stuck, stuck, stuck.  Not that a child couldn’t sit and pick the eye off, gosh those kids can pick things off that you would have bet couldn’t come off by a gorilla.    So never say never but if they want the eye off, they are gonna have to work at it. It is so small too that it couldn’t be a choking hazard.  If you have child who eats everything, painting on an eye would work great too.

The fabric was bought for a project that never got completed. Can you imagine?  It was used now and that is all that matters.  There are tons are super-duper cute Easter fabrics, any would work great.

ck & easy bunny skirt @ wowilikethat.com

I also didn’t have any 1″ elastic.  I ordered some from Amazon.  Oodles cheaper than buying at JoAnn Fabrics.  The elastic won’t arrive till Thursday.  I did have 1/2″ elastic though.  Therefore I simply sewed two rows and used what I had.  Looks great.

Quick & easy bunny skirt @ wowilikethat.com


Kandi Kane gem1 gem2
elastic pompom bunny fabric

1. Kandi Kane Jewel Rhinestone Applicator Wand for Hot Fix Crystals, Pearls, Rhinestuds

2. 288pcs 7mm ss34 Crystal AB DMC Hotfix Iron-on Rhinestones, Wholesale Beads, Crystals, Diamantes

3. MajorCrafts 1,440pcs 4mm ss16 Crystal Clear Premium Quality DMC Hotfix Iron-on Glass Rhinestones

4. Stretchrite 1-Inch by 50-Yard White Polyester Woven Elastic Roll

5. Clover Small Pom Pom Maker

6. Some Bunny Loves You Fabric Two Yards (1.8m) CX5915-AQUA-D

As always, if you have any questions, send me an email or post in the comments. Happy Sewing.


Feb 19

Thanks, I Made It – Easy Play Dress

Round up of sewing inspirations & how to's @ wowilikethat.com










Easy Play Dress with Applique

Look how darn cute those dresses are.  They would be cute without the applique but with the applique they are WOW!

Below is the instructions for making the play dress as well as instructions on how to do applique.

I have also posted about applique previously.  You can read it here and here.

Make it love it play dress






1. Quickest Play Dress from Make It – Love It.

2. How to do Fusible Applique with Craft Passion.

3. How to Raw Edge Applique with Connecting Threads.


Below are some inspiration for applique.  Look how the applique makes every thing go from nice to spectacular.  All are from Etsy and all are for sale if you aren’t interested in learning applique yourself.  Appliqued items are always popular.  Take a simple garment, pillow or bag, applique it and you have a beautiful gift or item to sell at a craft fair.  It is well worth learning how to do.













1. Appliqued Jumper from Marlee Jeans on Etsy for $26.23.

2. Appliqued Bunny Jumper at Boutique Sew Unique on Etsy for $54.99. 

3. Appliqued Jumper at Granny Becky’s Love on Etsy for $45.00. 

4. Appliqued Pillow at Pillow Me on Etsy for $49.00.

5. Appliqued Dress at Ecattus on Etsy for $95.00.

6. Appliqued Boy’s Tshirt at Super Sweet Creations on Etsy for $19.99. 


Appliques are easy and fun to do.  All you need is some fabric and some fusible web or glue.  If you have a die cutter like the Accuquilt Go Baby, it is  all that much easier. I have both the Go Baby and the Accuquilt Cutter.  I loved the Go Baby so much, I had to get the bigger one to do more. Below is a supply list if you need guidance or are looking for some bargains.

heat n bond













1.  Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive-17″X45″

2.  Michael Miller Citron Gray Bird Swing Gray Fabric

3. AccuQuilt GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

4. AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutting Dies It Fits, Birds

5. AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutting Dies; Funky Flower

6. Crafty Cuts 2-Yards Cotton Fabric, White Solid

Happy Sewing


Feb 18

Thanks, I Made It – Simple Skirts

Simple Skirts @ wowilikethat.com

Simple Skirts

Below are instructions on how to make a simple girl’s skirt, the measurements for making all sizes of skirts and how to finish the seams on the skirts.

Dana Made It






1. Make a simple skirt @ Dana Made It

2. Measurements for a girl’s skirts @ Make It Grand

3. How to finish seams @ Sew Mama Sew

Simple Skirt Inspirations

All the beautiful skirts below I found on Etsy.  All are simple skirts.  If you don’t want to make your own but still want one, these are for sale.



Girls Skirt Inspiration @ wowilikethat.com


Girls Skirt Inspiration @ wowGirls Skirt Inspiration @ wowilikethat.com


Girls Skirt Inspiration @ wowilikethat.com


Girls Skirt Inspiration @ wowilikethat.com


Girls Skirt Inspiration @ wowilikethat.com


1.  Skirt for sale on Etsy @ the Polka Dot Tot Spot for $24.00

2. Skirt for sale on Etsy @ I Married Mr. Rogers for $45.00

3. Skirt with matching onesie outfit for sale on Etsy @ SBB for $58.00

4. St. Patrick Day Skirt for sale on Etsy @ Noah’s Butterfly Kisses 

5. Skirt for sale on Etsy @ Miss Laura30 for $20.00

6. Skirt & matching brother’s tie for sale on Etsy @ Karolina Designs for $32.00


If you need supplies, Online Fabric Store is my favorite online place to shop. They have a fantastic selection of fabrics & supplies.  There is always free shipping on orders over $50.  Here is also a code to save an additional $5.

$5 off order of $50 or more with Code: SAVE$5TODAY

Elastic 1 yard


Elastic 2.5 yards










 1. Stretchrite White No-Roll Elastic (1″ x 1 yard)

2. Dritz 1″ White Woven Non-Roll Elastic – 2.5 Yards

3. Michael Miller Chic Chevron Sun

4. Michael Miller Swedish Owls Brown

5. Michael Miller Giraffe Love Gray

6. Michael Miller Zoology Lagoon

Little girl skirts are fast, fun & easy to sew.  Make some for your own little girl, as a gift or to sell. Skirts are big sellers on Etsy and at craft shows. Take the basic skirt and add some pizzazz with fun fabrics, bows and appliques. Tomorrow I have a round up of appliques so be sure to follow to avoid missing.

Have fun sewing.


Feb 13

I love to sew

Easy Dress made from free pattern @ wowilikethat.com

I do, I do, I do. Sewing is my peace and my zen.

Are you inspired by all the sewing blogs and beautiful posts on Pinterest that highlight homemade and home sewn things?  Do you want to learn to sew but don’t know where to start?  The key to learning to sew like any else is simply to start. Do something. Make something.  Reinvent something.

Of course you need a sewing machine.  Beg or borrow one if you must.  Buy one on Craigslist.  Go garage sale shopping.  I have 2 machines in my sewing room that I bought at garage sales for $10.00 each.  Both are older and both are great.  My midarm machine was reinvented from an old industrial darning machine and it was free.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Fabric like everything else now days can cost a lot of money too.  Again, that is if you let it.  I buy new fabric if I must, almost always on sale or with a coupon but I buy  fabric at the thrift store too. I reinvent fabric – use sheets for curtains and pillow, etc.  My local thrift store has $.99 Saturdays.  I buy pieces that I have no intention of wearing or know will not fit, I buy it for the fabric.  It is surprising how much fabric can be had from an old jumper. More than enough for a new skirt and a wristlet or two from the left over pieces.

These are some wristlets I made from old clothing.

It has been cold, so very cold here and it seems as if the snow is never going to end.  The one good thing about the cold snowy weather is that one spends a lot of time inside.  If inside, what do you do?  If you can sew, you sew and  grateful for the crummy weather.

I was snow bound the other day without anything on the agenda to sew.  I came across this free dress pattern on So Sew Easy.  I didn’t have any pretty print knit fabric but I had this beautiful vintage off-white double-knit that I got in a 5 foot bin full of fabric for $12 at a flea market. The bin itself was worth more than the $12 spent, so it was as if the fabric was just a bonus and free.

Easy to Sew Dress @ wowilikethat.com

From the fabric,  I made this dress.  I looked too plain so I added hand stitching. I love it.

Easy to Sew Dress @ wowilikethat.com

The pattern is easy. Very easy.

Free easy dress pattern. I could have a whole wardrobe full of these easy to sew, easy to wear dresses.

I serged the dress and the  sewing took no more than 25 minutes. By the way, I bought my serger from Craigslist for $75.00.

Easy to Sew Dress @ wowilikethat.com

I also added a free form flower to it too. Cute, huh? The dress is super-duper cute on.  Fits me wonderfully.  I wear a size 12 and I cut on the size 6.  It only goes to a size 6 though so if you are full-figured this pattern won’t work.  If you make one, be sure to post it on  So Sew Easy‘s Craftsy page so everyone can see it and it helps drive traffic to So Sew Easy’s site.

If you looking for something cute but easy to sew, give this dress a try. It is a dream to make.

See you next time.






Feb 02

Quick & Easy Boot Cuff Tutorial


Make a quick & easy boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

Hi All,

Boot cuffs are cute, warm and oh so easy to make.   These were made using a remnant of fleece picked up at JoAnn Fabrics for about $2.50.  That was enough fleece to make the cuffs, an infinity scarf and decorate some matching gloves.  They would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for a friend, teenager or anyone.  Quick and easy to make too so they would be great for selling at a winter craft fair. Want to make your own?  If so follow along.

Cut two 18″ x 9-1/2″ rectangular strips for the cuff itself.  Cut with the stretchy part of the fleece going across the 18″ piece.  Cut four pieces of the leg piece.  Download the pattern here.  Boot Cuff Pattern  Cut this with the stretchy part of the fleece going from side to side, not top to bottom.  This is very important as it is tight around the ankle and if it doesn’t stretch, it won’t go over your foot.  I made it without a foot because I don’t like feeling the seams in my socks. Plus without a foot, it is easily adjustable for high or low boots.  The pattern is for a high boot.  If you wanted these for a low boot, measure your boot and cut the extra from dotted lines on the pattern and draw a new straight line.  It is important that both the top dimension and the ankle dimension remain the same as on the pattern. Questions, just ask.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

I used my serger but it isn’t necessary as fleece does not ravel.  Serge or stitch, right sides together. If stitching, use a 1/4″ seam or use the edge of your presser foot as a guide.  Turn inside out.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

Sew or serge together 9-1/2 sides, wrong sides together.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

Fold wrong sides together to form cuff.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

With the right side of the leg out, insert the cuff inside the leg.  Match the seam on the cuff to the inside seam of the leg.  The first one doesn’t matter, but the second does.  See which leg the first boot cuff will match the inside seam and do the second one accordingly.

I pinned every quarter.  Sometimes it might be necessary to stretch to fit. That is fine. If serging be careful to remove pins before you reach your blade. Stitch or serge the folded cuff to the leg piece.

Make Boot Cuffs the quick and easy way @ wowilikethat.com

That is it.  Fold the cuff out. Slip on over your foot, put on your boot and adjust. You made a boot cuff.

Boot Cuff Tutorial @ wowilikethat.com

I also made this one.

Make a boot cuff @ wowilikethat.com

And this one. I’ll be posting soon how to make these variations.  Do you watch Shark Tank?  I do, I love that show.  The show was my inspiration for the lace boot cuff.  There was a woman on the show who was making boot cuffs and selling them for around $40.  She had an online store and wanted to expand.  The sharks took the deal and she is probably making millions of dollars now making boot cuffs.  Mine are just as cute, if not cuter.  The difference as always – she did something with her idea. You go girl!

As always, if any questions just ask.

See you next time.